Building Your Psychological Armor

by Paula Pritchard

Rejection is the toughest obstacle we face in network marketing and yet how we handle it is the most critical part of our success. There is no question in my mind that some of our most talented people are lost each year to rejection. It is something we struggle with each day, not only for ourselves but for our people in order to keep them in the game.

That is why it is so important that we prepare ourselves and our distributors from the very beginning. I call it "building your psychological armor." I want them to envision wearing a suit of armor that protects them against all projectiles including that most painful two letter word: no.

I teach early on that no is a requirement for success. It is the price we pay. None of us are perfect enough to get all yeses nor are we imperfect enough to get all nos. The major shift psychologically is to understand that you get paid for no as well as yes. So embrace them. The only difference between those most successful and those that are not is who tolerated the most rejection and disappointments.

I coined the phrase years ago "success is in the show." I wanted people to understand that success was not how many times people said yes or no, but how many times you showed your product and your opportunity. In my book, yes and no are equal. If you show your product to nine people who say no and a 10th person who says yes and you make a $100, it is important to understand, you did not make $100 on the 10th person; you made $10 every time you showed the product. Therefore the no was just as valuable as the yes.

I find it amazing how much easier people in conventional businesses accept rejection. Have you ever walked into a retail store, looked around, then walked out without buying anything? Sure you have! Did you hear a loud thud from behind the counter as the owner collapsed in disappointment? Of course not! Why? They understand the numbers. They know that out of so many nos there will be so many yeses. Why do you think store owners move to high traffic locations, like malls? To get more nos and as a result they get more yeses. Successful real estate people understand the same concept. They know how many times they need to show a property to get a serious buyer.

Because you get paid for rejection it is important that you are well–prepared. Building that psychological armor is extremely important especially in the early phases since nos kill more salespeople than anything else. Think about it, companies don't send their salespeople out unprepared. They spend weeks in preparation. Coaches don't send their players out unprepared, not if they want them to succeed.

There are a number ways to build psychological armor.

  1. Work hard to de–sensitize yourself to the word no. Study the law of averages to understand that the value of no and yes are equal.
  2. Build strong belief in your company and your product to the point it becomes a mission, a cause. Strong belief and commitment will help make you more resilient.
  3. Concentrate on keeping a laser focus on your purpose and goals, allowing nothing to deter your path. Internalized goals are the most powerful.
  4. Constantly remind yourself of the most successful people you admire and how strong they have been to push through the same wall of nos as you. Let them in spire and motivate you. Imagine as well how your success will inspire them.
  5. Keep yourself motivated by watching, listening and reading only positive material that keeps you strong. Hang with people of like–minded vision.
  6. Use motivational music to keep your emotions close at hand and on purpose.
  7. Mentally envision your self wrapped in a suit of armor where you are protected and safe. Where no one can hurt you no matter what they say.
  8. Know when to take a break and recharge. At the slightest sign of weakness, stop and listen to a tape, a CD or a mentor until you are back on top of your game.

Preparation is critical, but understand, it is an ongoing process. It is how you stay sharp, strong and focused. Sports teams prepare and practice throughout the week to face their opponents. It is no different for a network marketer. How you handle rejection will determine your success in network marketing and how you handle rejection is all in the preparation.

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