The Ethos of Infantilism

by Mark Yarnell

According to Benjamin R. Barber, Kekst Professor of Civil Society at the University of Maryland, who consults political and civic leaders throughout the world on citizenship, culture and education,

"Infantilization, the dumbing down of adults in order to induce the impulsive and childish consumption of unnecessary toys, is comprised of three archetypical dualisms:

  1. Easy over Hard
  2. Simple over Complex
  3. Fast over Slow

In other words, the ethos of infantilism generates a set of habits, preferences and attitudes that encourages and legitimates childishness. It also nurtures a culture of impulsive consumption so necessary in a developed world that has few genuine needs."

After twenty-two years in this marvelous industry, I have been pleased to share my experience and opinions when asked to do so by the Networking University. It's been fun and the feedback has been appreciated. However, the subject of my next Webinar will be the most important to date and certainly the most controversial.

I'm afraid that many potentially great networkers have been seduced by what Barber calls "infantilization." I receive calls all the time from intelligent, well-meaning adults who have joined excellent companies and cannot figure out why the big checks are so elusive. In many cases those individuals joined a company because someone convinced them that big checks in our industry are "easy, simple and fast." Or, some consultant had sold them a system that suggests those things.

I believe network marketing is definitely a faster way to create radical wealth, but it is not simple or easy. Success in our industry requires sacrifice and knowledge and in my next Webinar I'll explain the best strategies for both.

It isn't a simple business and it's certainly not easy, especially because of confusion created by the plethora of duplicable systems being taught by so many "self-styled experts." New distributors are tempted to duplicate strategies that may have worked for one person, yet are totally ineffective for them due to huge differences in personalities, previous experiences and skill sets.

This problem is most apparent in the process of acquiring and approaching prospects. What works for an extrovert is not easily duplicated by an introvert. What works for an educated woman may not ever work for a male, high school dropout. In my next Webinar, I'll give you a series of very diverse recruiting strategies which are proven to create large numbers of prospects for all kinds of people.

Years ago, "Big Al" told me that duplication does not work and I thought he was nuts. He wasn't. In fact, over the years I've learned to respect Tom's opinions more and more. I now understand what he was trying to teach me and I've incorporated that philosophy into my own training.

The American middle class is going away and I believe that network marketing offers the best escape from the attempt by consumer capitalism to dumb-down adults into mindless mall shoppers. Join me for my next Webinar and I'll teach you how and why.

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