Become Mentally Tough and Fire Your Boss!

by Steve Siebold

Are you ready to fire your boss and become a full-time Networker? If so, read on. If you've already canned the clown, this information will virtually guarantee your freedom for life. The secret lies in the real estate between your ears.

The most important presentations you will ever make will be the ones to yourself. "Mental toughness" is the ability to communicate with yourself - especially when you're under pressure.

Whether you're telephone prospecting, conducting an opportunity meeting, or doing a one-on-one, your willingness to be your own best friend might very well make or break you in this business. Every great performer I've ever coached either developed mental toughness or failed. It's that critical.

Here is how world-class athletes and performers build mental muscle:

#1. They consistently seek to heighten their sense of mental clarity and focus. In other words, they write down exactly what they want, and then they put blinders on. They don't set out to be world-class at three different things at once. They choose which goal to accomplish first, and they demonstrate laser-like focus.

#2. They create and construct an emotion-based vision of what their life will look and feel like once the goal has been reached. All the great ones put their vision in writing and visualize it on a daily basis.

#3. They utilize positive self-talk and monitor their inner dialogue on a daily basis.

#4. They learn how to access their most powerful states of mind and how to move into those states at will. For example, if you want your spouse or significant other to move into a romantic state of mind, you would do and say certain things to cue up that mood. It works the same way when you want to move into a peak performance state, except with different cues.

#5. They hang around only people who are positive and supportive. Thoroughbreds don't mix with turkeys, and champions don't run with losers.

#6. They keep a running total of their victories in life, and they review them on a regular basis. This builds confidence and positive expectation.

#7. They're students of the world's finest minds. Reading and listening to personal growth/self-improvement materials is a habit. They study success.

#8. They keep a mental training journal of what they are thinking and how they are feeling during the quest for the prize. The journal crystallizes thoughts and clarifies feelings, which in turn enhance performance.

#9. They keep winning in perspective. Many of them cut out articles from the front section of the newspaper that involve the hardships of others. They paste them in their mental training journal and review them weekly to remind them to keep winning in its proper place.

#10. They make a conscious decision to do their very best, and let the chips fall where they may. They monitor their results, but focus on execution. They seek to become great performers first, and reap the rewards later. This is the most critical skill on the road to mental toughness.

Adopt these ten world-class mental toughness tips, and you can tell your boss to take a hike. Anyone who will follow this system over time will become too powerful to be employed by anyone else.

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