Success Is in the Show

by Paula Pritchard

There is no mystery to becoming successful in network marketing. The truth is very simple. You need to show the product and show the business. That's it! There is no way around it. It has nothing to do with you. Success is not how well you do a business presentation; it's not where you do the presentation; it's not how you do the presentation. Success is the fact that you do it numerous times. Success is in the show! Even if you are a bad presenter with a bad attitude and bad breath, if you show it enough you will be successful. This is a numbers game. Obviously, if you are bad all the way around, it will take more numbers and the resiliency to push through the no's. If you are really bad, it might make sense to use tools to show rather than face to face. The fact that you show the business over and over is what creates your success.

Be very clear in what I am telling you. Success is in the show, not the sell and definitely not the sign. If you have to sell someone on getting involved, you will have to constantly sell him or her on doing something. And, don't think that just because they sign into the business that they will do something. How many have you signed up that went home and disappeared. Some even bought product and still disappeared. As Jim Rohn would say," It is a mystery of life". In essence, if I had to pick a talent, something that you needed to become really, really good at, it would be inviting people to look at your business. You can choose to invite people you know, people you don't know, you can do it face-to-face, on the telephone or online. The key is to have a constant flow of people to show. A good invitation equates to many shows.

Be A Winner At the Numbers Game

It is all in the numbers. The more people you show the business to, the greater the chances are that some of those people will join you. It's the same with any kind of marketing out there. If you're in real estate, the more times you show the house, the greater your chances become of selling the house. Network marketing is no different than conventional business in that respect. It is a numbers business.

Why is it we'll accept this in traditional business, but in network marketing we expect everyone who looks at this business to automatically say, "Yes." Perhaps everyone won't see it the way we see it and get involved immediately. Sometimes it takes a number of exposures. Some people may hear good presentations from you and several other network marketers before they'll become involved. Others may never join the business.

For every moment of time you waste being depressed over this person or that person who fails to believe in the wonderful possibilities network marketing and your particular company have to offer, you are losing money, time and momentum. Don't continue to pursue the unattainable---move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea---move on. What's one of the most important words in network marketing? NEXT!

You Are Not The Issue

Focus on the business. When people say, "Yes," they're saying yes to the business. When they say, "No" they're saying no to the business. They're not saying no to you personally. (OK, OK, maybe sometimes they are, especially if it is an ex-spouse but mostly it is to the business.) Let's say you're on a diet and a Girl Scout shows up at your front door with a box of cookies. If you say "No" are you saying "No" to the Girl Scout or the cookies? It's the cookies, of course. It's the same with network marketing. Don't take it personally when someone says "No" to your offering.

It's amazing how many people can turn a three second disappointment into a three-week depression. The reality is, "No's" and "Yes's" are part of all businesses, and the more you understand this the more you'll value them both. Have you ever walked into a retail store, looked around, and then walked out without buying anything? Sure you have! Did you hear a loud thud from behind the counter as the owner collapsed from disappointment? Of course not! Why? They understand the numbers. They know out of so many "No's" there are so many "Yes's". Why do you think storeowners move to high traffic locations, like malls? To get more "No's" and as a result they'll get more "Yes's". Go for the "No's". Understand the numbers. Take your emotions out of the equation. This process doesn't have to be complicated. The stronger you get, the less difficult network marketing becomes. It's really a simple business. It's not easy; you have to work at it, but what you need to learn is simple.

My mission is to simplify the journey. My wish for you is to enjoy it every step of the way.

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