The Perfect Time for the Perfect Profession

by Mark Yarnell

It's time to drop all the excuses. It's time to end all the defenses, rationalizations, and justifications. Network marketing offers a better opportunity today than it ever has for those in search of radical wealth.

The climate in society is perfect; the number of great companies is staggering; the products currently being sold through network marketing are far superior compared to what most traditional retail companies sell.

Global expansion is easier than ever before, and individuals who understand our industry are achieving huge monthly checks in half the time today than it took last century.

It's time for someone to stand up and tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth and I intend to be that person. In fact, I'm dedicating the rest of my career to the creation and dissemination of the "Holy Grail" of network marketing because everyone deserves to understand how and why the big money is earned.

Sure, there are many secrets. Who can blame the great leaders in certain companies for limiting knowledge of their strategies to their own companies. What possible advantage could a leader in one company experience by sharing his foolproof systems with competitors?

None. That's why you find so many million-dollar earners in twelve companies and so few in the other 3,000. Over the span of their career, professional networkers tend to remain loyal to one or two companies and that's where their knowledge lies hidden. I know, I've trained many of them and interviewed many others for my books and articles.

When I wrote Your First Year in Network Marketing, it never occurred to me that by merely revealing a few simple secrets, my book would continue to sell in huge numbers for many years on all continents. After all, my goal was merely to reveal secrets to a few situations and challenges that most new networkers tend to experience.

Those ideas were merely the tip of the iceberg. What the industry can probably use right now is a glimpse of the entire iceberg. In my upcoming Webinar with Networking University, I'll give participants an overview of some things they've never considered. Some will find the concepts humorous while others might be offended, but everyone will hopefully benefit from some new concepts.

  • What are EFS's and how do they lead to failure in MLM?
  • Who causes rejection and how can it be eliminated?
  • How does a person create a warm market of 5,000 people in one day?
  • What's the difference between an amateur and professional?
  • How could two hours a day be considered full-time networking?

These are some of the questions I'll discuss in my upcoming Webinar of November 1, 2006

In my opinion, it's easier today to earn millions than ever before in the history of our profession. Teaching individuals how to do that is my career goal for the next fifteen years. Join my Webinar and you'll understand what I mean!

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