It's All about Customers

by Mark Helsel

I found my friend's answer disturbing. I had asked him what strategy he was teaching his downline.

His answer spoke volumes. "Well, I'm not sure whether I want to teach them to 'do the business' - or just get customers."

I was dumbfounded. After my initial shock wore off, I replied, "What's the difference?"

It got worse. He quickly responded, "Doing the business means recruiting. Getting customers is for the people who aren't good recruiters."

Now I was really intrigued. I went along with it for a bit longer. "So, it's kind of like McDonalds deciding whether they want to franchise or just sell hamburgers?"

He agreed.

Do you see the error in this philosophy? It is differentiating between "the business" and "getting customers." They are one and the same! The business IS getting customers. Recruiting comes as a result of being able to actually get customers.

The problem facing many networkers is that they recruit others into their businesses without any focus on the product or end user. Imagine buying a franchise whose concept is, "Just go get other franchisees so you can recoup your money." How legitimate would that business would be? Wouldn't you at some point ask the question, "Yeah - but who sells the product?" And wouldn't you be horrified to hear the answer, "Nobody, really. The big money is in franchising."

Unfortunately, this is fairly common in network marketing. Selling products to an end user is chump change and relegated to "those who cannot recruit." I'm here to tell you, there is another way - and it will lead you to a lifetime of passive residual income.

Traditional businesses without customers do not stay in business long. Likewise, network marketing businesses that are out of ratio, with more distributors than customers, are a house of cards. They simply will not last.

Customers (people using the product or service regardless of the business opportunity) are the glue that holds your business together. They are what makes your business legitimate. In fact, getting customers should be your main focus. How well you do this will directly impact how well you are able to recruit (and keep) new business builders.

Now, let me clarify one important point. There will always be people looking for fast money and these people will indeed join a network marketing organization that is promoting recruiting and making money fast. But ask yourself, "Do I really want this type of person in my organization?" They are looking for fast money. How long do you think they will stay around if they don't make fast money? How long do you think they will stay on the product? You know the answer.

My challenge to you is to avoid the people wanting to make fast money and concentrate instead on finding customers. Then, find the customers who are so passionate about your products or services that they are compelled to share the product story with others. These are the people who will build you a lifetime of residual income.

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