Value Networking™: How to Be an Attraction Magnet

by Mitch Axelrod

Are you ready to be an attraction magnet?

Here are seven ways to win the Value Networking game:

1.      Tuning Fork Marketing™: stop pushing and start vibrating.

2.      Attraction in Action: who you are best suited to serve.

3.      Scratch Their I.T.C.H: watch people beat a path to your door.

4.      Know Your Buyer better than your products or services.

5.      Maximize Your Spheres of Influence: network like a master.

6.      Find the "Hungry Fish": fill your marketing pipeline with ready buyers.

7.      Play the Value Networking Game: win a person's heart, mind and soul.

Tuning Fork Marketing™: How to Stop Pushing and Start Vibrating

Most experts in marketing today will tell you that the best marketers were the pioneers who wrote the books on direct mail and direct marketing thirty, forty fifty years ago. Those marketing principles are valid today and will be just as valid fifty years from now.

What's changed today is the mechanisms and media through which you can reach people. The Internet has changed the game. I caution you to be careful not to get absorbed by the Internet to the point where you think it is the magic bullet that's going to make all your problems disappear. The internet is just a medium.

The old game of pushy marketing is dead, although a lot of people don't know it yet. The New Game is about attraction, about vibrating to a beat. It's being a magnet and pulling people toward you.

Attraction in Action: Know Who You Are Best Suited to Serve

Ask yourself: Who am I best suited to serve? Write a description of the kind of people you are best suited to serve. Who are they? Do they fit a certain demographic pattern? What are the intangibles they seek? What are the emotional reasons people buy from me?

The more specific your answer to these questions, the better. You're not best suited to serve everybody. You may think increasing the population of your universe is a good thing, but the larger your universe, the less people will feel like you are serving them in a special and unique way. Narrow the focus of which people you are looking to serve; then tell everybody you meet who you are looking for.

Scratch Their I.T.C.H.: Watch People Beat a Path to Your Door!

The more people's ITCH you scratch, the more business you'll get.

Information: Everyone needs sound information to make good decisions. We organize information into knowledge, and draw upon our experience to gain wisdom. All these weigh heavily in every choice we make.

Transportation: We are in the transportation business; we help people get from point A to point B. Products and services are merely vehicles that transport people to where they want to go. Where do you want to go?

Communication: All of life-happiness, success, fulfillment-is largely a result of what we tell ourselves and others. Send clear, authentic, emotionally touching and spiritually sound messages to people and see yourself win hearts, minds... and pocketbooks.

Help: If you genuinely like to help others, they will help you in return. Reciprocity is one of the most primitive and strongest of all human drives. Be eager to give help, and just as important, be willing to ask for help.

Know Your Buyer Better Than Your Products or Services

Most people know a lot about their products and services. They know less about their buyers. Know your audience and you will be highly attractive to them. People are attracted to work with businesses where they feel known, appreciated and valued.

Maximize Your Spheres of Influence: Network Like a Master

In a previous article and Webinar, I introduced Rejection Proof Networking™: How to "Take a Millionaire to Lunch™" and maximize your spheres of influence. Here are the two statements that will rejection-proof your networking forever: "This is what I do. Here's who I'm looking for." Using this approach, you will never be rejected again.

Find the "Hungry Fish": Fill Your Marketing Pipeline with Ready Buyers

Your profits will jump dramatically as soon as you sort every prospect in your marketing pipeline according to their degree of readiness: cool, warm, hot.

Cool people are not interested because they are satisfied. They are low-probability prospects; however, they know warm and hot people. Ask them for referrals.

Warm people are interested, but not ready. A sound strategy is to motivate them by comparing the cost of status quo (doing nothing) with the payoff of taking action.

Hot people are ready. They are the hungry fish and your only job is to activate them. No change occurs with inaction. Here is my mantra: imperfect action beats perfect inaction.

Play the Value Networking Game: Win a Person's Heart, Mind and Soul

The New Game is not just business. If you want every person you meet to become a walking, talking evangelist for you, make the networking game personal. Be eager and willing to share the three R's: resources, relationships and results.

Practice these seven ways, become an attraction magnet and you can win the value networking game...

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