How to Win Consistently in Network Marketing

by Troy Dooly

If you are ever faced with making leadership decisions based on how they affect you, you’ll never grow a significant organization or become a great leader.

Operating out of “panic management mode” destroys more network marketing careers than just about any other factor I know of. Over the course of studying hundreds of networkers who were on their way up the compensation plan and then simply disappeared, I have found three common weaknesses that caused these potential winners to panic and lose ground.

1. Lack of Activity

This is a numbers game! If you do not focus on exactly how many contacts you must make each day in order to make your numbers work, you will panic and quit. Commit to working your business three to six hours per week for the next one to three years. Lead by example.

2. Stopping Too Soon

You can’t stop personally attracting new front-line business partners until you have an emergency fund of at least your current annual salary.

There is an unwritten (and often unspoken) rule in network marketing: in this business, the first twelve to eighteen months is the toughest. Sadly, most people quit within this time frame — often just before they would have likely broken through to the other side.

Make the commitment today to do whatever it takes to grow your network marketing business. If you are like me, this may take the whole eighteen months. So set your date for eighteen months from today, and give it all you have!

3. No Definite System

You must have a system! Steps 1 and 2 you have to take care of yourself. However, if you will master the principles taught here at Networking University, you will never have to panic, because you will have the best system to win!

The full-time career path available in network marketing is the fastest way to build complete financial independence. Take your time and do things right. Manage your activity, focus on the long-term picture, and use your system — and you’ll always be on the right page.

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