Win the NEW Game of Selling

by Mitch Axelrod

YOU are an untapped gold mine.

You are poised to make a serious jump into a new league of play.

You are ready to become a game changer, and make a real difference.

You have a massive amount of upside potential inside you, waiting to be liberated. What will it take for you to elevate your game and realize your potential?

The answer is to strengthen one of the most underdeveloped skills and under deployed assets you have:


Whatever work you do, you have to sell yourself, your ideas, your skills, your solutions, your products or your services. At some point in life, you will sell all of these.

When you improve your sales-ability, you boost your earnings capacity. Along the way some other wonderful things start happening too.

Your credibility, self-confidence, self-image and self-respect increase in direct proportion. You do your income levels.

I have worked directly with tens of thousands people, and every single one of them has upside sales potential. It's true for you, it's true for me.

If you are ready to leverage a real sleeper opportunity to boost your bottom line quickly, few improvements have a bigger, faster and more lasting impact than honing your sales game plan and playbook.

In our Networking University Webinar, "Win the NEW Game of Selling: How to Attract, Qualify, Convert, Keep and Multiply Customers" we will show you how to elevate your entire sales game.

Marketing is a cost. Effective marketing gets you in the game.

Selling is the payoff. Selling turns the business game into the money game.

If you want to make a gigantic leap in your income, get better at the sales game.

To sharpen your sales-ability, here are seven plays from the NEW GAME of Selling:

  1. Win the inner game: master yourself first.
  2. Win the NEW prospecting game: vibrate, be attraction in action.
  3. Win the NEW marketing game: be the only game in town.
  4. Win the NEW qualifying game: find the hungry fish fast.
  5. Win the NEW conversion game: turn browsers into buyers.
  6. Win the NEW service game: keep customers and multiply your ROI!
  7. Win the NEW money game: boost bottom line profit with no expense.

1 - Win the inner game: Master yourself first.
If you know everything about the world, and little about yourself, you will never fulfill your unique potential. If you know yourself, everything in the world is there for you. Win the inner game, and you'll elevate your outer game.

2 - Win the NEW prospecting game: Vibrate, be attraction in action.
You want to attract more new prospects for your business? Stop pushing, and start vibrating. I call this "tuning fork" prospecting. If you want to hit the center of the bulls-eye dead on, get clear about WHO you are best suited to serve. Then, shoot an arrow into the center of this community of people. Get very clear about what you do, not about what you sell. Know who you are looking for. Send your message vibrating into the world for everyone to hear and share with others.

3 - Win the NEW marketing game: Become the only game in town.
Be the MOST trusted advisor. Become the service provider of choice. Build a community of people to serve who will support you with a lifetime of income. How? Use "2nd Opinion Marketing™." Give your target community the best advice you have. Don't just brag about yourself. Anyone can talk a good game. Prove it! Demonstrate what you can do by sharing what you have done. Tell success stories. Your track record speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you're saying. It takes a game changer to elevate the game. Be a game changer. Become the only game in town.

4 - Win the NEW qualifying game: Find the hungry fish fast.
Ask all your potential buyers one crucial question: Are you ready? If not now, WHEN? It's important to know what they want, why they want it, and how they want it. It's game breaking to know WHEN THEY WANT IT! Why? Because if know their "state of readiness" to buy, you can meet them where they are in the "Buying Cycle™!" The most important play you can make is to align with a person's buying cycle. Spend more time with ready buyers, and nurture those who are getting ready. This one distinction can be worth a fortune to you in time saved and money earned.

5 - Win the NEW conversion game: turn browsers into buyers.
Old game closing techniques won't win in the new game of selling. There are only two ways to win the conversion game: ask a question, or make a statement. Turning browsers into buyers isn't a closing technique. It's a natural next step when you master the "3 Magic Words" that turn browsers into buyers: Alignment, Agreement, Commitment. If you want to win the new conversion game, forget closing techniques. Get alignment, agreement and commitment.

Alignment; meet people where they are. Agreement; know what people want and when they want it. Commitment; invite them to take the next with you.

If you want to win the new conversion game, get alignment, agreement and commitment.

6 - Win the NEW service game: keep customers and multiply your ROI!
All successful businesses know the lifetime value of their best customers. The new conversion game is NOT about closing a sale. It's the first play in a lifetime game. The payoff comes on the back end. Do you see service as an expense? If so, change the game. Service is the best investment you can make in your customers. It's high leverage; a little goes a long way.

The big ROC (return on customer) comes over time. Every additional buy increases the long term net worth of your customer, boosts your bottom lines, and builds equity. If you want to be a game changer, start with the "end game" in mind. Make "serve, deliver and serve some more" your NEW Game mantra.

7 - Win the NEW money game: boost bottom line profit with no expense.
Selling is one of the best and most overlooked leverage points you have. In 27 years of business, every person I've met, and every company I worked with had upside sales potential. NO exceptions! You pump money into prospecting and marketing, invest heavily in technology and systems, and spend a fortune to serve customers. There is as much or more upside by tapping the talent and releasing the potential of "human" assets.

If you want sales to soar profits to skyrocket, become a sales master.

Play and win the NEW Game of Selling!

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