The Art of Networking

by Laura Kall

The art of networking is becoming skillful at finding ways to meet people, and taking advantage of natural opportunities to get into conversations with people wherever you are. When you can get into a brief conversation with someone you think might be a good prospect, use your favorite 'Power Line' to see if the person has a level of interest in hearing about your opportunity or your products.

Here are some thoughts to help you with your networking skills:

1. Make a commitment to keep your eyes open for the kind of people who you might want to work with, and opportunities to start conversations whenever you're out of the house.

2. Carry a supply of business cards/prospecting cards with you at all times.

3. Have a "power line" committed to memory that you can use, almost without thinking, any time an opportunity arises to interact with someone.

4. Be a good listener. Try to learn a little about the person to determine whether or not he or she is someone you might want to work with, and if something in their lives might motivate them to explore your business (money, job stress, free time, time with family, etc.).

5. Never talk at length about your business opportunity in social situations, or in "cold prospecting" situations. Collect names, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses, and set a time to talk at a more appropriate time.

6. Have fun with prospecting and set new goals for yourself every day!

Network marketing is a business that is based on the natural behavior of most people - sharing ideas, information, tips, referrals . . . sharing everything that we think might be of interest or of value to others. How many times have you and others you know shared information about a great book, a sale you just went to, a cool Web site, a trendy new restaurant, a fabulous movie, a new product you just tried, a great deal on something?

Everyone networks almost every day. The only difference between what you do in your networking profession and what others do conversationally is that you get paid for it! The really great news is that you can get paid a lot if you become a good networker. There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn in network marketing, if you just get out there and network.

The other exciting news is that the most successful networkers are those who take every opportunity to meet and talk to people wherever they find themselves in the normal course of their day. For most, prospecting is a learned behavior. Initially, it may be a conscious thought to prospect strangers, but just as with anything else, if you do it over and over every day, it will eventually become effortless.

Take every opportunity to get into conversation with people you come in contact with. Become a great listener and you'll find something in just about every conversation that you can use to successfully prospect everyone you talk to. More on this and other prospecting tips during my course!

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