Instant Messaging and the new 3 Foot Rule

by Max Steingart

Finding someone to talk to about your business is a lot simpler than you think when you know how to use Instant Messaging on the Internet.

If, like most veteran network marketers, you've blown through your warm market and now depend on talking to anyone within three feet of you who might be interested in your business, you're going to fall in love with Instant Messaging.

If you're brand new to network marketing, and you're struggling with your first assignment - make a list of all the people you know (your warm market list) so you can tell them about your business - your worries are over. Instant Messaging solves your problem by giving you direct access to millions of new people.

You can roll up your sleeves and get to work building your network marketing business with a smile. Instant Messaging will put you in direct contact with people every where in the world. You can use it to talk to all the people that you know. And you can use it to talk to strangers.

You'll make the Internet your warm market when you use Instant Messaging. The new Three-Foot Rule in network marketing is, "When you're sitting in front of your computer, you're within three feet of the entire online world. You can talk to anyone when you know where to find them and how to use Instant Messaging."

The Internet and Instant Messaging made all the difference in Melanie Rogers' success.

Melanie was a young woman living in central Canada. She didn't have a warm market to talk to. Her chiropractor sponsor suggested she send out promotional audio tapes to a mailing list she purchased. Each week for an entire year, she mailed out ten tapes to different people on the list. Melanie developed a lottery ticket mentality toward each mailing. Every week she thought, "One of these people is going to listen to the tape and call me." But no one ever did.

Melanie heard that other people in her company were using Instant Messaging to meet people online to talk about their business. She asked her sponsor if he knew how people were using the Internet, but he didn't have a clue. So she traveled to an event sponsored by her company in Chicago to meet other distributors and to learn how other people were using the Internet.

Melanie met Angela waiting for an elevator at her hotel. Angela knew all about Internet prospecting. "I'm meeting 6 people at this hotel later today that I met online that are considering getting into my business," she told Melanie. "Come up to my room during lunch and I'll show you how easy it is to send an Instant Message to a total stranger and establish a relationship."

Later in Angela's room, Melanie watched in amazement as her new friend used a laptop to search the Member Directory in Yahoo and ICQ, two of the world's largest free Instant Messaging systems. Before her eyes she watched Angela pick from hundreds of people that were online and start an Instant Message conversation with someone that lived close to the hotel. Before the online conversation ended, Angela's new friend made a commitment to stop by the hotel later to meet her and learn more about the business.

When Melanie returned home from Chicago, she immediately began her Internet adventure. She created the screen name MarvelousMelanie along with posting a fabulous profile in the Member Directory on Yahoo. She wanted to use the Internet to meet people in the cities where her company held promotional events. The company's next event was in Orlando, Florida, and Melanie planned to attend that event too.

Melanie learned a lot about her business and company products in Chicago. She made many new friends and had fun. She learned many new things that she would apply to her business, but the biggest thing she learned was how to use the Internet and Instant Messaging.

Melanie searched the Member Directory looking for people to contact in Orlando. She started every Instant Message conversation with:

"Hello, my name is Melanie. I'm coming to Orlando at the end of January for a convention. Do you know what the temperature will be there then? I'm in Canada and expect it will be 5 or 10 below zero here."

Melanie made twenty new contacts that turned into friends in the Orlando area with these initial Instant Messages. Six of these friends became customers prior to the convention and attended it with her. Two of the six were Chiropractors. Before she left town, she signed up an additional six people from her new contact list.

A year and a half later, when Melanie's company expanded into the United Kingdom, she immediately started making new friends in London. She started each Instant Message with a compliment and a reference to the contents of the person's profile.

"Hello, I like your profile. I'm coming to London at the end of July for a five day convention. My company is expanding our business there. How difficult is it to get a tour of Buckingham Palace? I'd really appreciate your help. "

Melanie made six good friends in London and made plans to meet them when she was there.

On her first day in London, Melanie met all of her new Internet friends. All of them signed up in her business. The first person she enrolled was the head coach of a professional soccer team who was a local celebrity. The coach convinced everyone connected with his team that they needed to be taking the company's products and signed them all up as customers.

As a result, Melanie became her company's first national marketing rep in the United Kingdom. A woman with zero sales activity the first year she was in business found incredible success on the Internet.

Effective use of Instant Messaging solves the biggest problem facing everyone in network marketing. It gives you access to millions of people!

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