The Network Marketing Recruiting Test

by Doug Firebaugh

Is it easy or difficult for you to sponsor people? Many people struggle needlessly in this business. And many people find it difficult to talk to other people about something that can change their lives. Are you one of those?

Is recruiting a struggle for you? Or does it come easy? Or is it somewhere in between?

Do you even sometimes forget to mention your business when talking to people? Many people do. I did for several years. So many times, I would come away from a conversation and say to myself, "Shoot! I didnít even mention my business!" Ever happen to you?

Over the years in this business, I began to see that there are certain things highly successful networking recruiters do every day. We started doing them, and it made all the difference between a great year and an incredible year.

Most great network marketing sponsors do something to make something happen, instead of waiting for something to happen, as so many networkers do.

"Making something happen" is the number one trait of all super recruiters; this is what this test is about. The few tactics youíll learn through this test have produced hundreds of millions in volume. If applied consistently, they can explode any downline and any commission check.

On each question, score yourself from 1 to 5, 1 being "I do this rarely" and 5 being "I always do this." When you finish, add up your score.

1) Do you take brochures with you wherever you go?

This tactic alone will produce millions in volume. It gives you an excuse to talk to someone; it reminds you to talk to people; and it is a confidence-builder, as you can let the brochure be your silent presenter whenever the occasion arises. Simply take a brochure with you wherever you go. We called it, "the left handís sixth finger." We kept it constantly in our left hand and had thousands ask us about the brochureóand we never said a word. Itís called "silent recruiting." We silently displayed what we did for a living.

2) Do you engage two new conversations a day with two new people for the first time?

Two conversations a day should be the minimum. There are so many people out there to talk to! Talking to two every day should be a cake walk. If you practice this, you will talk to over 700 people a year. Youíll probably sell 20 percent of those a product and recruit 5 to 8 percent of them. That would be 140 new customers and about 40 new distributors a year. Not bad!

3) Do you list the two people every day you plan on calling?

This is a million-dollar habit. Each weekend, make a list of the two people you plan on talking to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so forth. Then call them on that day. This gives you direction and a plan to make something happen. It also gives you a laser focus: you know exactly what you are to do for the week.

4) Do you hand out two recruiting tools a day for new exposures?

Tools help bridge the gap between inexperience and experience. Tools also are totally duplicable and say the same thing every time. And, this tactic focuses you on making something happen that is easy and brief. We have a recruiting CD called "The Entrance" that is scorching hot: a generic seven-minute talk about where people are in the world, the entrance they walk through every day that determines where they are in life, and where they could be if they chose the right entrance to their day. Itís a great recruiting tool. (See

5) Do you do a minimum of two three-way calls a day?

Three-way calls are the single greatest recruiting tool you have; you should learn to master them. If you are not doing three-way calling, you are working this business handicapped. Three-way calls will explode your recruiting; two a day, at minimum, is a must.

6) Do you make it a point to see and be aware of who is around you, wherever you are?

The easiest way to turn on your recruiting radar is to carry a brochure or CD with you everywhere you go. This will not only prompt you to be more aware of who is around you, but also give you an excuse to give it to someone. This will help you develop the habit of being aware of who is in your recruiting environment. Many people are around you every day, people who could youíre your businessóbut if you lack focus, youíll never talk to them.

7) Do you carry product (or information or free trial about your services) in your car that you plan on marketing and selling to people?

Iíve noticed that all networking millionaires have product in the car all the time in case they run into the "right one." And if you market services and not tangible products, many folks I know carry with them a tool of some sort that demonstrates how their service works. Itís called "show and tell"óand you should be ready to show and tell anytime, anywhere, with anybody. This will help you tremendously with your exposure rate.

How did you turn out? Did you pass the Network Marketing Recruiting Test?

35 = Excellent; you are positioned for massive recruiting success!

30 = Good, but needs a little work.

25 = Fair; definitely needs improvement.

20 or below = You have some serious work to do!

Take a look at what you need work on; see if you can get yourself in a better position to tell people your story. The higher your score, the better you are positioned to create success in network marketing.

And remember: every question and tactic is a prompter that prompts you to do something in the marketplace. If you continue to do those things, they will become million-dollar habits.

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