What Is Success?

by Erica Combs

Success has no secrets. When questioned, those who have been successful are quick to tell their story of complete devotion to the attainment of their goals and dreams. They speak of the commitment to developing their craft with a passion and zest for complete fulfillment of their dreams. The theme is always the same: "They paid the price for their success."

Success is attainable to all who desire it, believe they deserve to have it and for those who are willing to turn those desires into action.

Great fortune, or at least some level of financial stability, is often a part of the dream, but the wealth is a by-product of following their passion.

Success is not attributable to fate, but to the conscious and methodical application of specific principles. Many would say that perhaps luck is in some way involved, however that is true only in the sense that "luck" is defined as "opportunity meets preparation." Successful people don't sit around waiting for success to come to them. They create their own fate by taking matters into their own hands. Your life and ultimately your success are your own personal responsibility. How strong is your desire to create the life of your dreams?

Most people operate from a position of fear. Common fears include the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection and fear of commitment. Fear truly is the thief of your dreams! Where does fear come from? Fear is a by-product of such factors as programming, neglect, abandonment, unresolved childhood issues, low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

When you make the decision to become successful, it is important to be very clear of your dream or your vision of what you're striving to accomplish. What is your dream? I often pose this question to my coaching clients. Unfortunately, average people tend to have very average dreams. Many of my clients will reply by telling me that their dream is to "get out of debt." In other words, getting back to zero is your life-long purpose?! I don't think so! It's time to move past day-to-day concerns such as bills. Yes, we all have bills and financial obligations. But I would challenge you to think beyond your debt and to begin to visualize yourself achieving what really moves you. When you are pursuing a goal with passion and unrestrained focus, the money will be forthcoming (if money is something you desire).

Success is different for every individual who desires it. Success is not about money, fame, fortune, wealth or toys. Success is an experience, a process, and a challenge. It is an opportunity for you to become more, to achieve more.

My success began with change. I experienced a workshop where the connection I felt with the speaker inspired me to begin to change my thoughts and the people I paid attention to. I changed how I viewed failure and success. I changed my opinions about my family and myself. I changed what I read, what I watched on TV and whom I associated with. I changed some very deep-rooted decisions I'd made as a child about who I was as a person and who I would become.

I made a conscious decision to be different and to do different things than I had done before. Then I kept making those new decisions over and over again. Eventually, the new ideas caught on.

It wasn't easy to change, but I did, and so can you. I struggled at times; more than likely, you will too.

Practically everyone I have ever met desires health, wealth and peace of mind. Yet how many people do you know who have achieved even two of these, let alone all three? How many do you know who have truly achieved even one?

Most people think that if they work harder and for longer they will eventually have success. But you soon discover that hard work isn't the answer. You don't get paid for time or effort when you're self-employed. You get paid for how valuable you become.

Success means personal growth, action and change. It means detaching from situations, things and people, such as the people who love you but tell you that you will never make it! Success is moving forward constantly towards what you desire. It is being in the process and being in love with the process!

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