If Leads Works... how come I'm not sponsoring anyone??

by Troy Dooly

Could it be that you’re not treating your prospects the way you would want to be treated! Remember, your leads are people — just like you!

For some reason, when we pick up the phone to call leads we often forget how it feels to be on the other end of the phone. I want to share some facts with you about human nature.

We all have one thing in common: our environment has shaped the way we think, and this includes 10 common traits found in most of us at one point or another.

  1. We’re quick to jump to conclusion.
  2. We’re skeptical – we suffer from the “mini-shaft” syndrome.
  3. We procrastinate – the sprit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
  4. We dream of great wealth.
  5. We’re curious.
  6. We don’t think we can.
  7. We don’t like salespeople.
  8. We would like to be our own boss.
  9. We would like to have a business of our own, BUT…
  10. … We all doubt we can ever could or would.

Virtually every networker I talk with asks the same question: “If lead generation works, why isn’t it working for me?” The answer lies in these 10 traits. Typically, we get some script from the lead company or our upline, or make up one ourselves, and think it’s going to work. But most scripts I have seen focus on sales, despite the fact that we are not in sales! It is not called network selling — it’s called network marketing.

You are in marketing and need to think like a marketer.

Now, you may have found some great scripts for calling prospects. Or you may have created your own, or have a mentor who has helped you create one. However you got your script, chances are good that it starts something like this:

“You hit my Web site requesting information on a home-based business.”

Or, “Your name came across my desk as someone who is interested in a career change or starting your own part-time business.”

Then again, some are more straightforward and say something like this: “Hi, Mr. Lead, I got your name from XYZ Leads and they said you wanted information on a home-based business — is this true?”

A few years ago, worked just fine. Today, it doesn’t. So how do you create a solid script for calling today’s prospects?

A close friend and top earner in this profession, Mark Wieser, made this profound statement:

“Scripts are simply a means to an end, which means we should only use a script that will draw the WHY out of our prospects: Why are they looking to go into business?”

People don’t want to hear you pitch them on yet another product or service (or even worse, on how great you are). They want you to show them how you can help them get what they want. To do this, we need a flexible script and a focused agenda that guides us to ask the right questions. We need to embed in our minds the following two principles.

  1. Learn to ask the right questions… Right up front!
  2. Learn to listen between the lines… All the time!

There are two well-proven methods for accomplishing both these principles: the F.L.O.S.S. method and the F.O.R.M method. Let’s look at just the F.L.O.S.S. method for now.


F = Family. Find out about those they love the most. Listen and take good notes. Remember that your goal is for these folks to join your business family.

L = Lived. Find out where they come from. If your goal is to help them build a solid business and you’re thinking, “We’ll hit their warm market first,” but they don’t have a warm market within 1000 miles, everyone loses.

O = Occupation. Find out what they’re currently doing and why they want to change. Sometimes you’ll find the prospect loves what he’s doing and just need more money to reach his goals. More often, they hate what they are doing and want a change. This question also allows you to see if they have changed careers in the past.

S = Sales and Marketing. Do they have any sales and marketing experience? If they do, then you know right up front they might be bringing some bad habits with them, habits you may need to help them break. If they don’t, then you know they don’t have any bad habits. Remember, network marketing is not about sales. Your prospects will not understand this up front. It is your job to explain as you go along.

S = See. By now you have a pretty good picture of their past, present and what they are looking for in the future. Now you have to ask a really straightforward question: “Do you see yourself making this kind of money, accomplishing these goals and changing your lifestyle?” If they can’t see themselves living their dreams, then you will never be able to change their mind. People have to see it from within before they’ll change their actions to accomplish their dreams. Emotions fuels actions, not the other way around.

Whatever you do, don’t quit on yourself! You might be a six- or seven-figure earner in the warm market, yet in a cold market you feel like a failure. I know how that feels. I also know that if you will take the time to ask for help from those who have gone before you, you’ll master this style of prospecting just as you did your warm market.

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