The Foolproof Success Method Revealed

by John DiLemme

Every day, as I speak with people, train and do workshops, people are constantly asking me what is the secret to true success in life. I suggest that if you have not made a personal commitment to invest 1/96th of a day-which is what 15 minutes comes to out of a 24-hour day-into doing what I am about to describe, that you begin doing so today.

You can spend time searching for the reason you feel unfulfilled in life, or that you are not on track to where you want to be...or you can try this foolproof success method:

Commit to beginning every day with 15 minutes of empowering spirit food, rather than depressing news or negativity.

Treat each day as a gift. Be excited about opening up your personal present from God each day-that is, this new day on this earth, a new day in which you can prosper.

The smallest improvements compounded over a period of time produces the largest returns. In the world of finance, a penny a day doubled will create more prosperity for you than you can humanly imagine, but in the beginning it is worth only pennies.

As you invest 15 minutes daily, you may say to yourself, "This isnít working; my life is still the same." The only currency each of us has on earth is time. You need to allow time to take its course, and you will begin to see the results in your life. The first result is that you will begin to make clearer, more productive decisions, which will position you toward a more prosperous future.

A very simple tool you can you utilize to track your growth is to keep a daily log on your "spirit food" time. Many people have diet or exercise logs to track their progress and help them achieve their physical goals. When you implement a "spirit food log," you will begin to build up your investment in your spiritual account which, when you tap into it, will produce results beyond your wildest dreams.

What one sows, that will one also reap. If you sow 15 minutes a day, you will reap hours of positive, productive results.

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