Revolutionary Agreements For Network Marketers

by Marian Head

As professional networkers, we cherish the idea of freedom, yet we often confine our definition of “freedom” to the dimensions of time and finance. Those who succeed in achieving time and financial freedom often find themselves still in search of something less tangible…of some other freedom.

Personal freedom can be the greatest freedom of all. Personal freedom includes being free to express one’s true self fully and free of the burdensome weight of judging others.

The good news is that we don’t need to wait until achieving financial or time freedom to have personal freedom. It’s available to us now. The great news is that once we’ve achieved personal freedom, those more tangible financial and time freedoms seem to come more easily.

My book Revolutionary Agreements, presents a tried and proven path to personal freedom. Over the next twelve issues of Networking Times this column will focus on each of these Agreements, one at a time, illustrating how top networkers have used them to achieve extraordinary results in their work and in their lives.

This first installment will provide an overview of the Revolutionary Agreements as a framework for you to get the most from the next dozen issues. Feel free to start using what you learn today on your path to personal freedom!

Three Unifying Principles

Many of the Agreements will be familiar to you. You may even have mastered some, while others await your attention. All Revolutionary Agreements relate to one of these three principles:

TRUTH: Acting, speaking and reflecting the truth of who you are.

ACCEPTANCE: Accepting others for who they are; letting go of judgment.

GRATITUDE: Appreciating the gift of this moment.


I agree to live my mission.

In our quest for financial freedom, one of our most cherished desires is more time with family and friends. Yet many of us willingly sacrifice for today that which we want most, in order to achieve this mission “some day.” With this Agreement, we make a pledge to live our mission—today and every day.

I agree to speak my truth, with compassion.

Rather than saying what we think others want to hear (to be accepted by or to influence others), we say what is true for us, and do so in a way that honors what is true for the other. This practice builds lifelong relationships based on authenticity and trust.

I agree to look within when I react.

When we become aware that strong negative reactions to someone else’s behavior are a sign of how we may feel about ourselves, we can diffuse our negative feelings towards others and re-establish supportive relationships—the stuff that grows our businesses as well as our own personal development.

I agree to keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.

This Agreement is a driving force for many who choose to leave the rat race and join the ranks of networkers. It works just as well for other circumstances that make us feel imprisoned, giving us permission to consider a change and claim our personal freedom.


I agree to listen with my heart.

As networkers, we know the importance of listening beyond words, of listening to the heart of the matter. This Agreement guides us to drop old listening habits that get in the way of helping others to feel fully heard.

I agree to respect our differences.

Network marketing boasts a rich diversity of successful people unrivaled in any other profession, both in terms of background and the various methods we use to attain our success. But we don’t always appreciate these differences or transfer this awareness to other aspects of our lives. Adopting this Agreement frees us from judgment and gives us greater inner peace.

I agree to resolve conflicts directly.

Although we don’t work in the confines of a company’s office walls, unresolved conflicts and destructive rumors abound in our profession as anywhere else. This Agreement guides us to reduce unnecessary drama in our lives by clearing up issues effectively.

I agree to honor our choices.

Just as financial freedom relies on our belief in our products, company and profession, personal freedom relies on the belief that we all make the best decisions and choices we are capable of in the moment we make them.


I agree to give and receive thanks.

While we are trained from an early age to say “thank you,” many of us block the natural cycle of also receiving thanks, be it accepting words of appreciation or receiving the financial rewards we deserve for giving of ourselves and our products or services.

I agree to see the best in myself and others.

Belief in ourselves and in our teammates lies at the core of great networking organizations. Embracing this Agreement frees us from self-
judgment and is empowering for others.

I agree to look for blessings in disguise.

Stuff happens. Rather than being the victim of our circumstances, we can choose to trust that behind every cloud is a silver lining. With this Agreement, we become aware and appreciative of the unseen forces that contribute to the perfect unfolding of our lives.

I agree to lighten up!

Through it all, maintaining a sense of humor, enjoying our moments and not taking life so seriously contribute to expanded feelings of personal freedom. Like a tuning fork, we attract like-minded, like-hearted and light-hearted people to our organizations and our life.


Marian Head is a contributing editor for Networking Times and author of
Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and
Struggle Into Freedom and Joy.

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