Benefits of Voice Communications

by Paul Champaneria

For professionals who base success on managing high-value relationships requiring immediate attention and follow-up, the telephone will always be an indispensable business tool. Newer communication channels such as email and instant messaging may be more efficient in some cases, but only the phone can guarantee connectivity and immediacy. High-touch personal contact is necessary to build strong business relationships.

The Benefits of Communicating Via Voice

The last 20 years have seen a complete revolution in business communications. Fax machines allowed companies to send written documents and information instantly to business partners all over the world. Email supplemented the move towards electronic efficiencies by allowing a user to send a single message to multiple recipients with the press of a button.

While faxes and email promptly deliver required information to recipients, they lack the necessary personal contact needed to build the relationships that lead to customer loyalty and dedication. For high-value relationships where the element of personal contact and professional representation is essential, none of the newer technologies are a fully satisfactory substitute for a live conversation. They make fantastic supporting tools for building a business, but in no way can an entrepreneur realize the same level of success relying solely on these impersonal communication methods.

The Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Using a Voicemail Service

A simple definition of broadcasting is the ability to send or deliver a personal message to one or more recipients simultaneously, but it means much more than that to Network Marketers. The main difference between voice broadcasting and using other forms of group communications is that it maintains a personal contact with every person reached. An effective broadcasting system should be accessible from virtually any phone, anywhere in the world, without special equipment or modifications and instantly duplicable throughout the organization.

Broadcasting features with a solid voicemail service enable individual distributors to use the telephone more effectively and productively. Network Marketing succeeds solely by establishing, building, and enhancing relationships with distributors and customers. Broadcasting supports these initiatives by providing a tool to keep downline members informed, motivated, trained, and prepared to take full advantage of every opportunity. Used correctly, it can also boost morale and inspire confidence that other communication methods cannot duplicate.

Using a suitable voicemail service, a user should be able to broadcast timely news, announcements, business information, special offers, limited time opportunities, training material, and successful practices to any number of recipients. Broadcasting is also useful for urgent or emergency notifications to distributors. With a push of a button, a desirable voicemail service can handle any of these ongoing business needs.

Building and Maintaining Relationships With Voice

Nothing inspires confidence, trust, personality, honesty or immediacy as effective as voice, yet too many Network Marketing companies and organizations are moving away from this method of communicating in favor of more "advanced and efficient" communication methods. The question is, why use voice to communicate when there are so many other ways to get information to your recipient:

  • Although emails can be sent quickly to a large group of recipients, high percentages are deleted without thought by the receiver. Even more are filtered or classified as junk mail by many major ISPS.
  • You cannot express enthusiasm and emotion in an email, website, letter or fax in the same way that voice delivers your message.
  • Testimonials are a terrific way to support your opportunity and generate excitement for new prospects. However, sending a voice testimonial from a successful distributor or a thrilled retail customer works tremendously better than relaying the same information in written form.
  • The largest and most successful Network Marketing organizations with decades of experience in the industry make voicemail or voice broadcasting services a prerequisite to participating in their company because they know it is the most effective method of communicating and building relationships.
  • Voice broadcasting is as quick and easy as sending an email.

The Power of Voice In The Real World

Situation One: Janice resides in the outskirts of New York and is one of the top performers in her organization. While vacationing with her family in the Bahamas, she gets such a feeling of complete happiness that she feels compelled to share it with her peers. As her children laugh and play on the sandy beach near her, she reclines her chair and calls her voicemail system. In moments she sends the following message to her entire downline:

"Hi everyone. I'm having the time of my life here and wanted to express my feelings about this company and the dreams it has allowed me to experience. I'm in one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the pleasure to visit and it's all because I took a chance and made it happen. 4 years ago when I was a waitress I thought I would never be able to give my family the time and care that I so desperately wanted to provide them. I was afraid that my children would never get to see the world or miss out on memories that they would cherish as they grow older. Don't stop dreaming! Your hopes and desires can be achieved too! See you all in a week!"

With the sounds of the crashing waves and the cheerful shouts of the children in the background, this message was delivered with full impact to Janice's group. It is no wonder that she is able to keep her teams motivated and maintain one of the highest retention rates in the company.

Situation Two: John is a distributor in the weight loss industry and was always great at building relationships with his customers. Despite his personal sales success, he had difficulty finding ways to motivate his downline and it was having an impact on his growth. Although he knew all the benefits the company had to offer, he did not know how to maintain an enthusiastic team. New people joining the opportunity started out strong but soon lost excitement and became less productive members. After receiving a call from Rachel, one of his most loyal customers since starting the opportunity, John had an idea. Rachel had been buying an assortment of nutritional and dietary products from John for nearly a year and experienced phenomenal results. Whenever John spoke with her, she always had great things to say and was thankful for the major changes in her life. Knowing how Rachel felt about the company and the products, John 3-wayed Rachel into his voicemail system, and asked Rachel to share with his team how the product line enhanced her health and inspired her with the confidence she always sought but failed to get from other products. The emotion and satisfaction in Rachel's voice carried through and you could tell that she was speaking from her heart. John thanked her for sharing her story and instantly broadcasted the new testimonial to his group. Distributors who were starting to think about getting out of the business listened to Rachel's story and were refreshed to hear someone outside of the company talking about the terrific products they had to offer. John discovered his new motivational system. He continued to broadcast testimonials from happy customers to his downline. Within 3 months, the excitement generated for retailing products resulted in a 65% increase in product volume for the quarter!

Situation Three: Robert hasn't had much success in Network Marketing. After 5 months of prospecting, he was only able to signup only two new distributors and was getting ready to give up and find something else to devote his energy to. One afternoon he received a broadcast message from Blair, a member of his upline, talking about his most recent successes and new ideas to build a downline. Robert replied to the message and explained his frustration to Blair. Blair offered his help and began coaching Robert daily and decided that it would be useful to broadcast weekly training tips to his entire downline. With the efficiency and direct approach the system provided him with, the power of hearing Blair's voice, encouragement, and new prospecting methods kept everyone motivated and enthusiastic. In no time his team became one of the fastest growing groups in the company.

Did You Know?

  1. The results of a study with a large distributor organization makes a startling revelation. While only 19% of distributors without voice messaging renewed at the end of a year, 77% of distributors with voice messaging renewed - an increase of 405%! It's not just about how many new people you bring into the business. it's how many people you keep!
  2. Studies have shown voicemail communication increases the retention of first year recruits by as much four times.
  3. Who do your distributors hear from most frequently - laughing friends, competing opportunities, or you? If you and your leaders communicate with your downline rather than laughing friends or distributors from other opportunities, you are more likely to keep them active and producing.
  4. If you are not frequently communicating encouragement, belief and vision to your distributors, chances are they are going to find someone else who does.
  5. Network Marketing and relationship building is all about how many people you can keep and how successfully they learn the most effective practices of the company. Constant communication is essential for this to work.

What to Look For When Selecting a Voicemail Service Provider

  • Ability to pick up messages via the Internet so messages retrieval is at no cost to distributors.
    • Many service providers offer voicemail packages that have extensive call restrictions, strict minute plans, and excess fees associated with message retrieval and storage. In this information age, seek a provider that offers voicemail and fax retrieval online so that you get the most out of your service plan.
  • Ability to save messages on the hard drive
  • Broadcast Lists automatically maintained
    • An effective voicemail system increases your productivity, simplifies your communications, and saves time. Find a provider that automatically maintains broadcast lists for you so that messages can instantly be sent to various levels in your downline without having to worry about updating or managing lists. The system you use should provide you with the assurance that your messages are being delivered to everyone in the group.
  • Ability to broadcast by levels
    • Typically, your direct sponsors work closely with you and soon become seasoned contributors to your sales goals. The types of communication you may want to send to this special group can differ greatly from broadcasts that you send to other groups in the organization. Therefore, the ability to select broadcasts to be delivered to specific levels within your downline can help customize your communication efforts to their information needs.
  • Ability to broadcast by distributor rank
  • Ability to allow distributors to opt out of voice broadcasts
    • The ability to opt out of voice broadcasts gives distributors the flexibility to decide who they want to receive messages from. This avoids distributors from getting voice broadcast messages that they don't want.
  • Ability to create broadcast lists
    • In addition to automatic broadcast lists, personal broadcast lists allows you to establish multiple broadcast groups which in turn enable you to send messages to certain parts of your organization such as distributors in a certain state, or distributors who achieved a certain amount of PV, etc.
  • Ability to maintain broadcast lists online
    • While creating small broadcast lists can easily be done via the telephone, extensive lists can be quite difficult to organize and maintain if you are unable to see the numbers and contacts programmed into the group. Adding, modifying, removing or updating broadcast lists is immeasurably easier when you have a visual interface to work with.
  • Ability to send and receive unlimited broadcast messages for free online
    • Accessibility and affordability are two major benefits to consider when choosing a voicemail service provider. A web interface that allows you to create, manage, send and receive broadcasts at no additional charge puts your communications at your fingertips from any internet-enabled computer!

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