The Spirit of Network Marketing

by Troy Dooly

It's important that all networkers, full-time and part-time, pros and amateurs alike, always remember the principles and traditions our wonderful profession was founded upon. I believe we are unique in the world of business because it's not only important that we win, it's also important how we win. We are unique because of our commitment to doing what's right for our team and for the consumers we serve; to live by ethics higher than those sometimes found in the conventioal, corporate business world!

The Spirit of Network Marketing

When the first network marketing companies were founded some 60-plus years ago, they didn't have a lot going for them, in the traditional sense. They had no money, no association, little support – not even a name! What they did have was a concept that was right for both consumers and home-based entrepreneurs. They also had a dream that one day network marketing would become the most recognizable business model in the world. A dream that someday network marketing would change the direction and thinking of the global business world, that our profession would create more financially independent individuals than any other profession in the world.

These early pioneers had a special kind of spirit, and throughout the proud history of network marketing, that spirit has endured. In fact, I believe the "spirit of network marketing" has now become the backbone of our economy. It has been the context of some of the greatest success stories over the last 30 years. Stories of normal, average people on the verge of financial devastation, starting part-time and becoming financially independent in less time than it takes the average college student to graduate.

It's the duty and responsibility of every networker to never forget our history; to never change those special things that make us different and unique and to never lose the spirit of network marketing.

This is more than just a business; this is a calling for those who dream of leaving a legacy in history.

Trust Your Instincts and Your Beliefs

When I'm doing sponsoring interviews, home meetings, fast-start schools, training calls and three-way calls, here is the first thing I always tell people: "Don't worry about the numbers or technical aspects of network marketing." Anyone can learn the mechanics of the profession. All that takes is a little time and effort. They key to being successful in network marketing is to believe in what we do. You've got to believe and feel good about the kind of people we are, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we act, our whole lifestyle.

Follow Your Instincts

If your instincts say to you, "I like these people, I like what they do, I believe I could get excited about this, this is my kind of profession," then and only then should you join us. If you don't have those feelings, stay away—if you don't, you'll only be disappointed.

There is only one difference between a $100,000.00-a-year professional networker and a $12,000-a-year amateur networker: their belief about who they are and what they do!

It always amazes me that two people can join this profession, attend the same training classes, market the same products, have the same position, and give the same presentation—yet one will fail while the other is both excited and successful. I finally realized that the difference was how they feel about what they do.

Their belief level made all the difference in the world.

If you're only excited about the money you can make, you'll fail in the long run. If you market the financial opportunity only, you'll fail—because when you have disappointments (and everyone will), you'll get discouraged…because the money comes later. After you prospect, after your presentation, after your next promotion, and after you have sponsored someone who wants it as badly as you do.

You must believe in network marketing. That belief is the first step to greatness. It is the first step to leaving a legacy in this profession.

There are only two things you must have to see your dreams come true in network marketing.

1. You must believe in network marketing and the things we stand for;

2. You must be able to get others to believe the same way.

If you can master those two things, there will be no stopping you. You will have success—professionally, financially and personally—beyond your wildest imagination.

Stand firm and never give up!

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