Testosterone-Free Marketing

by Denise Michaels

Yes, women are starting businesses in the US and many other countries at twice the rate of men. But why are businesses owned by women still not taken seriously?

I wrote a book, Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women, to show why it is that marketing is so challenging for so many millions of women. Many women don’t market effectively. They get fewer sales and enjoy less financial freedom.

Some women take to marketing and sales effortlessly. Most avoid it. Women have great relationship-building skills. However, as important as relationship building skills are, they usually won’t always take a business owner all the way to having a new client or customer.

Successful Home-based Business Ownership Requires a Shift in Skills

Women start businesses with years of skill honed in previous jobs. Or, they become distributors for a product they enjoy a passion for. They also bring characteristics that make them wonderful mothers, wives and friends. Sometimes those characteristics don’t serve them in business. When a woman shifts and becomes more proactive and more confident, the business often finally takes off. 

For example, many women feel uncomfortable tooting their own horn because a “good girl” doesn’t do that. They may have been told to wait for people to come to them. Surprisingly, many women believe that making a profit is “cheating,” or “taking advantage of customers”! These ingrained traits can make it difficult for women to succeed.

Who Else Wants to Say Goodbye to “Testosterone-Heavy Marketing”?

Many marketing books sport infantry-division camouflage on their covers and war or sports analogies sprinkled throughout their text. But a “scorched-earth” approach to marketing makes many women uncomfortable. Women are about relationships, not conquering and killing. These relics of good-old-boys, testosterone-heavy marketing make women uneasy, but they’re unsure why. Women didn’t grow up playing “war.” And even if they did play sports, friendships were often more important than the score.

When women reframe marketing and view it not as “killing the competition” but as “creating solutions,” they can put more profits in their purses. Women create the human race. We can give birth to, nurture and raise a successful business.

Katherine: A Woman at the Crossroads of Success

Katherine’s website business was a confusing hodge-podge. Nothing led visitors to believe that the information was from an authoritative source. Katherine wouldn’t call herself an expert, even though she was extremely knowledgeable. Because her site was loaded with free premiums, the only people who visited were people looking for freebies—not buyers.

Then Katherine learned how to take charge and adopt a sensible, strong but “testosterone-free marketing” approach. Now, a year later, her business has much more cash flow coming in. She raised prices on her products twice and gives away a lot less freebies. She also charges $45 an hour for her expertise rather than giving it away. When she started making more money her marriage improved. Family life became more relaxed. Recently Katherine and her family moved into a larger, newer home.

Grow Market Savvy or Accept the Crumbs Tossed Your Way

I’ve helped many women just like Katherine, in a myriad of different businesses, from professionals with doctorates to moms in network marketing, to boost their sales and enjoy more freedom.

I teach strategies to help women understand automatic behaviors that don’t serve them in business. Knee-jerk reactions can keep you from enjoying the success you deserve.

You can discover ways to get new customers and clients easily. This leads to a viable, profitable business. You will look at owning your business differently. Marketing is not about being tough or manipulative. It’s about knowing your value, honoring you and stating it so people want to say “yes.”

Testosterone-free marketing can support you in learning to market that works with your style as a woman. You’ll get a boost of self-confidence, have a business you love and enjoy marketing. You can succeed, relax, enjoy your freedom and be yourself.

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