Distribution: The Next New Game!

by Mitch Axelrod

Why Direct Sales and Network Marketing Will Explode in the Next Five Years!

This is a wake-up call of historic proportions. The global marketplace is rapidly transforming the world economy. We are in the early stages of the Next New Game. Encourage everyone you know to get in the game, step on the field, and walk up to the plate.

You and I have lived through three economic ages: Industrial, information and service!

No prior generation has had to manage so much dramatic change in how they earn a living and pursue a livelihood as we have. We transformed from a dependent age to an independent age, and now we face the biggest adjustment of all — the Age of Interdependence!

You can no longer succeed and prosper by yourself. Your team is as important as your talent—or more so. If you want to fulfill more of your talent in less time, surround yourself with the best players you can find.

Leverage is its name, and networking is the game. When you play the New Game of network marketing you maximize both.

Distribution… the Next New Game!

The new global economy has a major impact on and implications for your personal economy. Outsourcing is irreversible; exporting jobs is picking up steam. As more people lose their jobs, they will want more control over their future. Many of these people will play the distribution game.

The current service model will integrate and incorporate a new distribution model. More and more people who see their corporate jobs replaced or eliminated will find themselves by choice or by chance in the distribution channel.

Instead of serving corporate customers, we will be serving our customers.

Those of us who play the distribution game will build a community that can sustain us economically for years to come. Building a business can be daunting. Instead, think about building a community of people you can serve. That can be exciting.

There are millions of people who want to be served. Carve out a slice of humanity you want to serve, and let them all know you are ready to be of service.

At age 13, when I had my first paper route, I built a community of people (subscribers) and I made some spending money. At age 23, when I started my first business, I built a community of people (clients) and I made a living. Now, 27 years later, my community makes me a living, provides me a livelihood and affords me a lifestyle.

In the new game, people who serve a company have low job security. People who serve their own community have high job security.

Generate New Money: Profit is Everybody’s Business!

In the Next New Game, you will be expected to contribute to the profit of your company, or you will be vulnerable. Computers will manage information. Technical work will be done in countries with a large talent pool of technically skilled workers willing to compete in the global game on price and terms. Service jobs will continue to be exported to the lowest cost provider.

Everything affects everything.

With jobs shrinking in supply, entire job classifications becoming as extinct as the dodo, and the average job lasting 3.5 years, you and everyone you know would be very smart to get into the distribution game — today.

Companies can no longer simply cut mid-line expenses. They must find ways to increase top-line revenues and bottom-line profits. They will flatten channels, shed links in their distribution chain, and shorten the pipeline from product producer to product user.

The old game of distribution was middlemen. The new game is consumer direct.

That’s why the seismic shift in the new game is from Caveat Emptor, “let the buyer beware,” to:

Caveat Vendidor — Let the Seller Beware!

Companies that adapt to this seismic shift will serve, deliver, and serve some more. Companies that don’t will exit the game quickly. “Caveat Vendidor” is the seismic shift.

The cosmic shift in the new game is…

It’s Not Just Business … It’s Personal!

Consumers control the marketplace. We can buy most products and services directly from the manufacturer, often at a discount. These direct sales generate higher profits for the company, even at a reduced price to the consumer. Eliminating the middlemen, the company can pay direct sellers a handsome fee for introducing a customer.

You have a big incentive to serve that person and create a customer for life; a lifetime customer creates an annuity for the company and lifetime income for you.

This shift transforms the fundamental economic model. It signals another transition from information (we are already past overload), to service (now being done poorly elsewhere), to distribution (getting what we want through people we know who are eager, willing and delighted to serve us).

The playing field is shifting under our feet. More people are getting into the distribution game than ever before. The pain of lost service jobs will be eased by the gain of millions of people profiting from playing the distribution game.

Word of mouth, direct to consumer, and network marketing will be the major methods of moving products in the next new game.

The new economics dictates that if you are among the 98 percent who are not financially independent, you must find a way to insure your retirement on your own. You would be wise to supplement your assets, pension and Social Security with a stream of distribution income.

Distribution, direct sales, or network marketing is the best way — and for some people the only way — to create financial independence, control their financial future and insure their retirement.

Get ready for the greatest surge of momentum the network marketing profession has ever seen. There is no better time than now to get in the game, take the field, step up to the plate and swing the bat.

In five to seven years, you can build a stream of income and own the best kind of insurance of all, the one kind of insurance you actually look forward to paying off:

Retirement Insurance!

You’re a player. You can change the game. I’ll meet you on the field!

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