Deserve Versus Desire

by Erica Combs

Do you know at what temperature you hold “deserve” and “desire”?

Most people, when they talk about their answer to the question, “What do you desire?” will get excited and emotional. Their eyes sparkle, their voices become more powerful, their bodies become animated and they typically step forward into the conversation.

Ask these same people the question, “What do you deserve?” and typically they will freeze, step back from the conversation and respond with a statement like, “What does that mean?”

To achieve what you desire you must turn up the temperature of what you feel you deserve.

Imagine a thermometer with “deserve” at the bottom where the mercury rests and “desire” is way up at 212° F. When water boils, it is excited—it bubbles, the atoms that comprise its molecules move very rapidly—they are animated!

This state of animation is very similar to the chemical changes that take place in our physical bodies when we talk about the situations and experiences we desire in life. When placed in a pot of boiling water, the mercury in a thermometer moves very rapidly toward the top of the glass cylinder, either meeting or exceeding the line indicating 212° F, the water’s current temperature. In this scenario, the energy of the mercury is actually increasing and growing, expanding to occupy as much space inside the thermometer as possible.

Conversely, when water is cool, the atoms that comprise the molecules move more slowly, and the water seems to be at rest, in a suspended state of animation—the most extreme example being ice.

This state is also very similar to the physical changes that take place in our bodies when we are asked what we deserve to receive from life. When placed in a glass of cool water, the mercury in a thermometer will rapidly contract down toward the bottom of the glass cylinder and settle into the bubble at the end. In this scenario, the energy of the mercury becomes very constricted and consumes as little space inside the thermometer as possible.

In order to begin receiving the situations and opportunities we desire as entrepreneurs, we must create a shift in our internal emotional thermometer so that we feel we deserve to receive that which we desire.

I will be explaining how you can begin to create this internal shift and attract more of the abundance you seek to your life during my presentation on June 22nd. I look forward to expanding our consciousness together!

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