Success Is A Process

by Jeff Combs

Success Is A Process

We all have a desire to achieve some level of success. Everyone wants to be successful but very few are really willing to pay that price—to do whatever it takes. Working with entrepreneurs through seminars and personal coaching for the past seven years, I have found there are a few key principles that assist people in achieving the levels of success that they deserve.


Success is attainable to all, yet so few achieve it.


Success is a habit and has no real secrets.


Success is an attitude, a posture you take that states, “I deserve to have it all.” Success starts with your belief system, and your belief system starts with how you feel about yourself. Your own self-esteem is the key ingredient to your success. To be successful in networking, you must first adopt a personal positive self-image of yourself. Your product is always going to be you and your second product is people. You are really marketing your confidence. This is why a positive self-image is so important, especially in your first conversation with your prospects. The old saying is absolutely true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Forgiving yourself, others from your past, past mistakes and failures are paramount in your early journey to success. Remember that you attract to your reality who and what you are. When you are positive and feel good about you, you attract like-minded individuals. The same holds true if you are negative in your thought processes. Your thought processes will always determine your bank account of love. People often drag their past into their present; this stops them from ever having a clear vision of their future. It is essential that you learn to forgive and let go of your past.


Success is a process, not a payoff.


You will pay your ten dollars at the door on your journey to success, and you will find out fast that there are no shortcuts. You will never be able to completely master every detail of your life. Attempting to do so will only lead to frustration. What will make the most difference is becoming the master of a few key principles that will allow you to have the fastest personal growth.


To accomplish this task, you will begin to think exponentially rather than incrementally. Think big—act big. You must have uncommon thoughts to have uncommon results. You also need a steady, consistent plan of action, which is something very few people have. When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. By “plan of action,” I mean your goals written down where they are visible, so you can get your hands on them and monitor your progress. You need to have a very precise, clear mental picture of where you’re going on your journey to success. Make your goals reachable and realistic, yet big enough that you have to stretch to reach them.


Along with your goals, I recommend you put in place a daily plan of action or “method of operation.” Whether you are part-time or full-time, write down exactly what you will do in the hours you commit to your enterprise. Don’t over-promise to yourself. Writing down exactly what you expect of yourself will allow you to hold yourself accountable. Every night, before you go to bed, look over your daily method of operation and ask yourself how accountable you were to yourself today.


In my work as a personal coach, I have people develop a seven-day game plan and then work that plan for four consecutive weeks—one full month. This teaches people how to become consistent. Consistent effort over time, coupled with personal growth, will create consistent results.


I also work with people networking to do what I call the “breaking it down to the ridiculous.” This is a numbers game, and whatever you lack in skill, you can make up in numbers. No matter what business or enterprise in networking you are in, the most important aspect will be collecting the results. By “breaking it down to the ridiculous,” I mean taking enough action so that you sponsor or enroll at least one person per week, if you are part-time, and at least two if you are full-time.


This process of success will happen when you take consistent action, let go of your past, feel good about you and continually improve your internal communication.


JEFFERY COMBS is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author committed to assisting people with personal growth and development. His training revolves around personal growth and development, cuts to the chase, and delivers information that makes an immediate impact on your success!

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