Live Outside Yourself!

by Lisa Jimenez

Live Outside Yourself!

Did you know that NASA, with all of its super computers and billion-dollar budget, cannot duplicate the flight pattern of a dragonfly or a bumble bee? Aerodynamically, neither the dragonfly nor the bumble bee should be able to fly. Yet I’ve seen dozens of them fly around my back yard.


The dragonfly and the bumble bee deny logic. When was the last time you denied logic?


When was the last time something happened in your life that you could not explain, that was beyond your human capacity to understand?


I was looking through my gratitude journal the other day and was shocked to notice that most of the really great things that have happened in my life had very little to do with my control or my power. The really big, outrageous dreams that came true seemed to happen beyond my efforts—and often despite myself!


I don’t say this to boast laziness or to imply that our lives are predestined and we should all stop working. I mention it to cause you to think about your beliefs about the miraculous and the unexplainable. And, most importantly to ask you this:


Do you believe these kinds of unexplainable and miraculous things happen to someone like you?


In The Ideas of the Great Philosophers, author William Sahakian explains the many views and thoughts on logic and truth. It’s interesting to realize that all the great philosophers agree: scientific truths are often beyond the scope of the human mind and our five senses.


X-rays, light waves, chemical reactions and a host of other natural phenomena cannot be sensed, though they are understood and demonstrably real.


Think about your five senses and how limiting they can be. A straight stick placed in water appears bent to our sense of vision. We know a mirage is not real, but it looks that way to our eyes. Sounds with a wave frequency above 20,000 cycles per second are not detected by our auditory sense, yet they are detected indirectly. Six pencil points touching a person’s back are sensed as only one point.


There are countless human experiences that cannot be seen or measured on a scale or even comprehended by the human mind, yet are undeniably real.


One of these realities is love. Love cannot be seen, but it can be felt and experienced. The wind cannot be seen. But, like love, it is felt and we notice its affects. Intuition cannot be identified or measured on a scale, yet we have all experienced a gut feeling. Our logical mind and human senses are limited!


Now, before you hyperventilate … know that I do believe the logical mind is powerful, that it’s important to develop it, consult it and allow it to direct you. Logic will help you analyze and discern.


However, this same power can also cause you to miss out on opportunity and prevent you from living life to the fullest! Some people spend great efforts developing their minds, and then their minds will not allow their spirits to rule…or to even be heard.


You and I need to balance both of these incredible gifts. One without the other is misleading, limiting and even dangerous. Logic without intuition creates robots and limits possibilities. Intuition without logic creates ambiguity and confusion.


When you cultivate both your mind power with your spirit (your heart, intuition, gut feelings and faith) you have created the most effective and powerful force in existence.


The most exciting part of all this is when you are open to the miraculous and you begin thinking bigger and dreaming bigger, the world begins responding to you in profound and exciting ways!


When you believe great and unexplainable things can happen to someone like you…they do!

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