Natural Prospecting

by Todd Falcone

"No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to sponsor anyone!" exclaims Joe, the frustrated network marketer.

This is a sentiment I hear all too often in this business. Obviously, there could be many reasons why this might be the case, but let's look at one simple (and very common) cause: the mind.

Prospecting truly is something that can come naturally, and should. Most people make it out to be far more difficult than it really is. After all, it's just a conversation, a connection with another person, isn't it? Inevitably, though, many people falter in their prospecting efforts because they get in their own way. Their minds play tricks on them—sabotaging head-games that lead to low or no results. If you are going to earn any real money in network marketing, you have to get the prospecting game down, and not let the prospecting game get you down.

What this takes is natural prospecting.

Natural prospecting means getting into a zone that anyone and everyone can achieve if they simply step aside and get out of their own way.

Too often, people over-think and worry about what they are going to say, rather than simply flowing in the conversation. What's required is to simply let what happens happen. I'm not saying that you should get lazy about your words or your approach—not at all. I simply mean that you need to be natural—"in the moment." Wherever you are, be there, not somewhere else in your head.

Can You Book a Flight?

At some point in your life, you have probably booked a flight over the telephone. Did you use a script? Of course not! Why not? You didn't need to. You knew your objective, and it was simple. What time are the flights? How many stops? Is there food on the plane? A movie? It was a simple, stress-free call where you didn't get in your own way. Your mind didn't play tricks on you.

Because you knew exactlty what you wanted.

You don't always have to know the answer to every question a prospect asks you. Why not? Because there's not always one "right" answer or one "right" solution, just as there's not always one "right" direction to go on a call. You have choices. Exercise them.

When a network marketer gets jammed up in a conversation, his words jumbled and brain fumbling around, feeling like a three-year old, it's because he is thinking too much. "What should I say? What do I do? Where do I go from here? What did he mean when he said this, that or the other?" Confusion takes place and another opportunity is lost.

It's important to understand that a free-flowing conversation is exactly that: flowing. Not planned, not forced into a pattern, not fixed. It can flow in any direction, without force and or stress.

One Chance for a First Impression

You really only have one opportunity to make a great impression on a prospect. People want to work with confident leaders who are in control. (At least the right people do!)

Next time you pick up the telephone to call a prospect, take a deep breath and relax. There's nothing to stress out about. No worries. It's just a conversation with another living, breathing human being who probably has some level of dissatisfaction in her life or desire for change. All you need to do is uncover it and show her a possible solution.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? Here's why: it is. Don't blow that first impression by letting paranoia and fear prevent you from letting go. Let it happen. You'll be sure to make a better impression when you are working with relaxed intensity rather than stressed intensity.

What's Your Objective?

A prospecting call becomes far easier when you clearly understand the purpose of the call. If you go into a call confused, not clearly understanding your purpose, your mind will tend to race and cause you to flail about.

When I make calls, I clearly know my objective. It's just like buying an airline ticket: I know exactly what I want. I pick up the telephone and engage the person in conversation by asking a question.

I am looking for someone open to an opportunity for change.

I then probe and look for desires, dissatisfactions and strong character traits. If they fit the bill, I present my opportunity, answer any legitimate questions and collect a decision. Voila! The call is done. It's really that simple.

Get clear on what you want to accomplish in your prospecting calls. Don't worry about getting stuck not knowing what to say if and when they say something. You're already in a losing proposition when you do that.

If a question or objection comes up that you are not prepared for, take a breath, pause, then go with the flow. Don't try to answer something that you don't know. Don't talk out of fear.

Every day, unexpected things occur—and we deal with it. Prospecting is no different. Let it come naturally and without force. Think about flow and let it go.

Go in Peace!

Earlier, I used the term "relaxed intensity." Abundance, success and fulfillment come when you take an approach to building your business characterized by relaxed intensity: going all out in your business, giving it everything you've got—yet doing so with a peaceful mind.

Success comes to those who work toward it—not those who stress about it.

Let your mind work on other creative projects rather than what might happen in a conversation. Do this, and you will find yourself attracting and sponsoring more people than you ever dreamed possible!

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