Three Steps to an 85 Percent Sponsoring Rate

by Beatty Carmichael

I want to show you how to sponsor 85 percent of the people to whom you present your business. This took me about ten years to learn; you can learn it in the two or three minutes it will take you to read what follows!

Think of your business as a funnel; the biggest part of the funnel is finding new prospects. The next part of the funnel is calling these prospects and setting appointments. It gets narrower here, because not every prospect wants to meet with you. The final and narrowest part of the funnel is converting the appointments to new recruits. That's what I want to focus on here.

There are three key steps involved in becoming a recruiting expert.

Step 1. Create a relationship with the prospect.

People don't get into business with strangers. A "stranger" is simply someone they don't feel they know and can trust - yet. Overcoming this limitation involves simply building a relationship.

Step 2. Discover what your prospect wants.

If you don't know what your prospects want, you can't show them how to get it. If you can't show your prospects how to get what they want, they will have no reason to join your business. Remember: people don't get into business with you because they like you or believe in your company. Yes, those conditions have to be true, too - but they get into business with you because of what's in it for them. If they don't see how they can get what they want, they won't sign up.

Step 3. Help your prospect see the business equation, "This business equals my dreams."

This is a natural outgrowth of Step 2, where you discover what your prospect wants and show him how joining your business will provide him with that. But Step 3 goes a little deeper. Step 2 is about focusing the results of your business in terms of your prospects' desires. Step 3 is about helping your prospects believe it can happen for them.

And when they believe, they will sign up.

Here's a little test to prove it. Think about all the people you shared your business with who did not get into business with you. If they had truly believed that they would have achieved their dreams and goals if they got into business with you, would they have signed up?

Of course they would! So it follows that the reason they didn't sign up is they didn't believe it.

Next time you share your business, be sure they like you and feel they can trust you.
Make sure you know what they want and show them how to get it.
And finally, help them believe it can happen for them.

Do those three things - and you'll sponsor 85 percent or more of the people you talk to.

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