Teamwork Begins at Home

by Dr. Peter Pearson

Marriage is a challenge. Growing your business is a challenge. What happens when you try to combine the two?

I know first-hand how daunting it is to blend these two endeavors. You see, I'm in business with my wife. For over twenty years Ellyn and I, both psychologists, have directed a business called The Couples Institute. As psychologists specializing in marriage counseling, we should have all the skills necessary to blend business and marriage, right?

Our challenge became even greater when my passion recently led me to build a new business working with network marketers. My goal is to help them overcome fears that don't improve by changing beliefs and creating a bigger vision.

The opportunities for us to disagree are practically limitless. The opportunities for us to grow together are just as great. For our own personal and marital survival, we have had to develop some really effective methods to make decisions, solve problems and negotiate better solutions.

There has been a lot of trial and error; more error than I would like to admit. But in retrospect, we seemed to have learned from these mistakes. And over the years, I've had ample opportunity to try these techniques in my practice and refine them to fit a wide variety of couples and their situations.

The result is that we have developed a refined negotiation strategy that works. Really works. That is what I am excited to present in this Webinar.

I won't be presenting only theory and a list of what to do. Frankly, it is easy to say "Here are the steps to effective negotiation." The steps are clean, simple and make sense. The instructor and students all smile and think, "What a good job."

But real life is not that simple or easy. Negotiation can be messy and riddled with tension. Finger pointing, selfish demands and resentful compliance are often part of the process; this is normal.

Tricky emotions are part of negotiation. So are conflicting values and feelings. These factors do not lend themselves to an easy formula.

That is why I'm putting myself on the line: I will help a couple do a live negotiation using the steps you will be learning. You will see how to deal with the normal urge to withdraw, finger-point, capitulate or dominate.

You will learn that negotiation on tough topics can be fairly rapid, and you'll discover how to create that elusive "win-win" solution.

The demonstration will be live and unedited. I'm putting my reputation, experience and 30 years of experience on the line.

You will learn why should stop trying to define the problem. This is a deadly mistake couples and even experienced negotiators make. In fact, defining the problem just makes things worse. You'll witness and understand a faster way to resolve your problems.

But wait-there's more. If you don't have a better way to manage unruly emotions when negotiating, then all the great steps and guidelines in the world are useless. Therefore, in this Webinar you will learn how to manage your strong emotions during negations with your spouse.

The benefits are far-reaching. This process will help you in your business and with your family as well.

One more thing: If you and your partner want help negotiating a particular issue, give me a call about volunteering for this Webinar. If you are chosen, I will personally walk you through the steps during the Webinar. As you experience the steps, your learning curve skyrockets; your confidence grows and your sticky problem becomes manageable.

To volunteer, contact me at and put "Volunteer" in the Subject line, so I will know it is not spam. You can also call me at 650-324-0150.

Hope to see you at the Webinar.

Peter Pearson

P.S. If you want to see how else we think about helping couples improve their relationship, check out our website,

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