by Erica Combs

Recently someone asked a very interesting question during a "Women In Power" conference call: "How do I get out of a lack or scarcity mode and get into abundance mode?"

A related and equally interesting question I would pose is this: "What takes you out of abundance mode in the first place?"

You see, abundance is an emotional state of being you create for yourself. True abundance is not about the current value of your material possessions, the people you are or are not enrolling in your enterprise, or your current financial status. Abundance is about creating room within your consciousness to be whole, complete and satisfied with yourself. Abundance is about accepting that you are enough; you are perfectly and completely you, and because there is no one else in this world exactly like you, only you can completely fulfill your purpose and create your destiny. Only you can provide what other people are seeking when they seek you out; this is the value you bring to life!

Abundance is your natural state of being; you were born abundant! Lack and scarcity are situations you learn as you experience the trials, tribulations and perceived abandonment on the journey of life. These situations are not your fault, but now it is your responsibility as an individual to understand how the emotions connected to these events continue to affect you; and if you are seeking true prosperity in all aspects of your life, it's time to begin releasing them.

There are four key strategies that will create more abundance in your life - if you are willing to open your heart and mind to considering them and applying them to your present. These are:

    1) becoming a great receiver;
    2) trusting that abundance is a natural state;
    3) understanding the difference between allowing energy to flow and forcing situations to happen;
    4) and really understanding what it means to deserve.

The first step to creating abundance is being in a position to receive.

This means receiving love, energy, money, decisions, etc. Our society sends a message that it is "better to give than to receive," and this creates pressure, especially for women (the nurturers of life) to give, give, give, until one day you realize that you have given your power away.

This often creates what Jeff and I term the "angry giver." An angry giver is someone who continues to give their energy to other people in the hopes of receiving acceptance and approval, and is angry when it seems as if their efforts are not appreciated or acknowledged. The paradox here is that when you are not in a position to receive, you actually deflect any positive feedback that the people you're giving to may be giving back to you. This in turn feeds the anger fueled by "nobody recognizes me."

In reality, if you are giving with any expectation, you are not really giving. And if you do not recognize your own virtues, you will have challenges receiving recognition from others. Until your own approval becomes enough, the approval of others will continue to leave you feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

This is where becoming a great receiver comes into play. Begin by saying, "Thank you, I am receiving," when someone offers you feedback or a compliment. You will be amazed when you become conscious through your change in language to realize you have actually deflected many compliments and positive feedback!

The second step to creating abundance is to trust that the laws of the universe dictate that abundance is a natural state.

There is an inexhaustible supply in the universe. On a clear night, count the number of stars in the sky, the number of leaves on a tree, the raindrops during a thunderstorm, feel the warmth of the sunlight, consider the seeds in one apple, and that each seed is capable of producing a tree which will produce more apples and this cycle creates a limitless abundance of apples!

Begin considering that it is your own beliefs that are limiting you today. What would happen if you began to focus on what is, rather than on what isn't? What would happen in your enterprise if you focused on all the people out there seeking opportunity right now, rather than on the people you have talked to who weren't ready to enter free enterprise? What would happen if you focused on attracting the trillions of dollars that have not yet had the opportunity to enter your bank account, rather than the dollars that have left it?

The third step is letting life be easy instead of constantly making it hard.

Money and love are energy you are seeking to attract - and energy always follows the path of least resistance! Water always flows in the direction of gravity, and look at the powerful situations it creates by following the path of least resistance consistently over time! Doesn't it really take more effort and energy to struggle than to flourish? This simple shift in your perception can create room in your consciousness to allow every situation you seek and desire to flow to you effortlessly . . . if you will only allow yourself to stop trying to "make it happen," and instead, simply take the proper actions and allow the results to manifest.

The fourth and most important step to creating abundance is becoming comfortable with what you deserve.

When you make the statement "I love myself, I deserve to have it all!" what does "it all" mean? Will you ever really believe this statement if you do not have a crystal clear vision of "it all"? You deserve the best of every situation you encounter, and this comes back to being a great receiver! You deserve prosperity, and it is only your beliefs of lack and limitation that are limiting your emotional, physical and financial abundance.

Begin by saying "yes" more to people and situations. Accept invitations graciously and feel blessed that others want to be with you. Accept gifts graciously and sincerely, and if the gift does not serve you, then pass it along to someone else, knowing it will eventually find the exact right person.

Allow the flow of energy to move through you instead of deflecting it. If you do not get clear that "it all" means everything good that you have ever desired, then you are just as apt to receive an abundance of that which you already have and which doesn't serve you. The universe will give you exactly what you ask of it - which is why it is so important to realize you are a valuable person, you are able to accept an abundance of positive and powerful situations, and you deserve all of the good in the universe to flow to and through you!

As you practice these four applications, begin to allow yourself to recognize prosperity everywhere. Enjoy the bounty you have the opportunity to choose from at the grocery store. Begin choosing only the best produce that appeals to you, the best cuts of meat, and the best of the store's entire selection. You may find yourself consuming less and enjoying more!

Begin appreciating the beauty of the buildings you pass each day, the bustle of commerce in your city, listen to the laughter around you and allow yourself to share the joy of others - even if you don't know the cause.

Begin to appreciate yourself for the courage you have to make small changes. All big changes originate from a small, subtle shift in consciousness. Begin to love yourself more, and you will be amazed at how quickly your life will change and the results you seek will find you!

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