The Pipeline Theory

by Ellie Drake

One of the most important aspects of your business is having a pipeline of people to whom you show the plan on a consistent basis.

Let's talk about the pipeline theory.

Let's say you have a pipeline 10 feet in height, 10 feet in width, and a mile long. What most people do is put one or two people into the entrance, get all excited, run to the other end of the pipeline, expend a lot of energy, and anxiously wait to see what happens. They don't yet realize that they have no control over what happens with that person after they have been introduced to the business. They might have fallen, gone on a mental vacation, or turned back and left the tunnel. So you have wasted your energy and thoughts on one or two people; instead you should put as many prospects as you can into the tunnel, and by the laws of nature, people will start getting pushed out from the other side.

Let's work on not getting emotional about whether someone joins your business or not. That is the roller-coaster way of building your business and will soon take the fun out it.

There are three different types of pipelines: a pipeline of leads; a pipeline of qualified leads with future appointments to show the plan to; and a pipeline of people already exposed to the business and in a decision-making process.

It is equally important to have each of these pipelines at least somewhat full on a consistent basis. This is the only way to catch the dynamic of momentum.

When you have enough people in your pipeline, you can always quickly replace a person who, for instance, didn't show up to her appointment. Let's say it's five minutes before the conference call; you call Joe and he is a no show. Okay, no problem: you start going through your file and decide to call Mary, who's a qualified prospect but didn't show up for her appointment a few nights ago. You say,

"Hi, Mary. I realize you missed your appointment a few nights ago, I'm sure something equally important must have come up. The great news is that we happen to have another call right now and I can simply take you to this call, so you can get some great information regarding making that $5000 per month you're looking for. How does that sound?" They usually say okay. Then you take the next step. This is one of the benefits of having a moderately full pipeline.

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