Leave Stress and Anxiety Behind . . . Destination Success
Dr. Peter Pearson

by Dr. Peter Pearson

Elizabeth really didn't believe she could get over a lifetime problem in minutes. And do it painlessly . . . let alone on the telephone in the privacy of her home office.

"The reason I don't work my business is that I have been trained since I was no taller than the family dog to believe I shouldn't be direct with people. I was supposed to intuit or guess what others wanted, and they were supposed to intuit what I wanted. In our living room, directness was about as welcome as rattlesnakes.

"If a prospect says 'no' to me, I don't know how to respond. Because that's always a possibility, I simply don't approach people - with either the product or the opportunity. This has a crippling effect on my business and the rest of my entire life. But knowing the problem and being able to change it are two very different things."

This was how Elizabeth described the problem to me on the phone. Conventional approaches to change could take months to help Elizabeth through this quandary.

After asking Elizabeth a few simple questions, and in less time than it takes to watch a rerun of Gilligan's Island, she said, "I'm now ready to really start working my business." If this seems almost too good to be true, you can test it out for yourself.

On December 16th, you will have the opportunity to identify a problem that causes you stress. With the holidays coming up, there's ample opportunity for you to feel a little extra stress. Join me at this Webinar and bring a stressful problem with you, and you will learn what Elizabeth did to overcome her anxiety in minutes.

Oh, and you might be relieved to know that you can keep your problem private-there's no need to describe it to the group.

You will learn a strategy that can help you reduce holiday stress or tackle a problem that has been hindering you in growing your business. You will learn a method grounded in the most recent brain research. This method has been tested and proven effective in my clinical practice and tested again on teleseminars and in live groups of several hundred network marketers.

In just minutes you can get relief . . . immediate, noticeable relief. But you can't get it if you don't show up. So please join me for what is going to be an extraordinary event. I designed this Webinar to relieve stress for anyone who can follow a few simple directions. You will also hear a live demonstration to model the process of painless change.

Traditional self-improvement programs have missed the boat in explaining the role of the brain under stress. Now we're on course with an exciting new approach to your personal growth and professional success. Don't miss it! To register visit the link below.

After you register you will receive a short document which will help you prepare for and get the most from the Webinar. I'm looking forward to being with you.

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