Beware of the Spirit-Draining, Energy-Zapping, Time-Wasting, Dream-Destroying, Emotion-Depleting Vampires!

by Jerry Clark

I bet you thought vampires only existed in the movies. Nope. They're actually all around us. In fact, a good portion of our population are made up of them. Yep. Vampires.

Okay, I admit - they're not the physical, actual vampires you're probably thinking of, the kind that sleeps during the day and stays up stalking people for blood at night. In fact, the type of vampire I'm referring to is worse.


Because they are among us day and night and they are always on the prowl for fresh "blood." The blood I'm referring to is your energy, the blood of the psyche and the very core of your life. Think of it this way: no energy, no life.

During my more than 20 years in free enterprise (17 of them in network marketing), I've learned some very interesting things. There are people who are committed to living a life that, for lack of a better word, SUCKS. And they don't want to be alone. They hunt down people (like you and me) who are joyful, positive, excited about life and full of energy. Once they find us, they stick their spiritual fangs into our spiritual veins and proceed to suck all of the life force out of us, so we can be miserable like them.

This is unfortunate, but it happens every day. If you're not careful, you will become an indistinguishable part of that 90 percent of our population who ends up as a spiritual vampire, causing you to give up on your dreams, leave this powerful profession and bury yourself in the MLM cemetery.

Here are signs that you may have fallen victim to the bite of a spiritual vampire:

1. You start spending more time watching TV, listening to the radio and reading the newspaper (especially the news channels).

2. You begin hanging around negative and disempowering people and talking the same type of language they talk - the language of "can't, don't, impossible, gossip, etc."

3. You begin to develop a case of acute negativity, thinking always about the negative aspects of the business and spending all your time wondering why "things aren't working out." (And if you're not careful, acute negativity can turn chronic.)

4. You get out of the building phase (prospecting, presenting, following up, developing leaders) and move into the management phase (shuffling paperwork, harassing your distributors to see how much volume they've done for the month, cleaning your office space for the fifth time this month, complaining that your group is not growing . . . .) You move out of revenue-producing activities and start focusing on non-revenue-producing activities.

5. You start getting upset over little things (such as me writing this article with the word "suck" in it, or perhaps I spelled something wrong, or it had three sentence fragments or a run-on sentence or two or just a really, really long parenthetical that made you think I should have written it more succinctly . . . I think you get the picture). In other words, you start looking for reasons to quit instead of reasons to succeed.

6. You start paying more attention to your broke brother-in-law (who's a manager at McDonalds making $40,000 per year) instead of your successful line of sponsorship (who are making $40,000 per month).

I could go on and on with the symptoms of being bitten by a spiritual vampire - but I'm sure you get the drift.

What's The Solution?
It's fairly simple. Just look over the list above and start doing the opposite. Cut back on the TV, radio, newspapers (especially the news programs). Engage in revenue-producing activities (prospecting, presenting, following up and developing leaders). Be careful not to listen to people whose lives are in the pits. Remember that whenever anyone tries to rain on your parade regarding your networking marketing opportunity, chances are good their life "sucks" - and watch out for those spiritual fangs!

Remember, they're out there, day and night, morning and evening, sunrise and sunset, just waiting for someone with a dream who appears to have a little bounce to their step.

Beware of the spirit-draining, energy-zapping, time-wasting, dream-destroying, emotion-depleting vampires . . .

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