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January 2019 Issue
Happiness Rising
by Clare Holbrook
Choosing happiness today and working toward your goals will help drive your business and put you on the path to personal fulfillment as a way of life.

January 2018 Issue
Income and Time Freedom
by Bill Andreoli
Direct selling allows ordinary, hard-working people to grab the brass ring—build a passive income while having the time freedom to enjoy their success.

April 2017 Issue
Laying the Foundation for Community
by Julie Henderson
When your focus is on engagement and connection, it's easy and natural to build rapport, which creates meaningful conversations that lead to real connections.

March 2017 Issue
Behind the Pink Door
by BK Boreyko
If you want to build your company, your team, and your future to last, build it around a strong customer base—people who love your products and culture—not because of a paycheck, but because you care about them.

February 2017 Issue
The Unrelenting Optimist
by Don Karn
Thinking of The Secret and the Law of Attraction, we can wonder, "Does it really work? Is the path to happiness really that simple?" Well, probably not. Yet, it is.

January 2017 Issue
Push Through the Pain
by Eric Worre
You don't have to love everything about network marketing. You don't have to love people not understanding what we have to offer, or driving across town to meet someone who may not show up. As long as your purpose is big enough, you'll work through those things to achieve your goal.

June 2016 Issue
Our Purpose Is to Serve
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
When you find a purpose bigger than yourself, it releases a generative energy that gives you focus, creativity, stamina, and courage to be unstoppable and achieve mastery.

May 2016 Issue
A Millennial State of Mind
by Lisa Faeder Grossmann
Socially connected, tech savvy, and hungry to make an impact, Millennials force improvement on all levels and this serves our profession well in these ever changing times.

April 2016 Issue
Let Technology Fuel Your Success
by Joseph T. Bismark
Gadgets were made to help us be more efficient, not enslave us. Be watchful and donít let your technology habits put a strain on your family or business.

March 2016 Issue
Harness Your Emotions
by Joseph T. Bismark
Harness peopleís emotions by constantly reminding them of their anchorsĖtheir wants, goals, and dreams. Always redirect their emotions back to their why.

February 2016 Issue
Network Marketing Unites
by Don Karn
Letís embrace our similarities and differences with loving hearts, dedicating ourselves to the spirit of inclusion that will make the world a better place for all of us.

January 2016 Issue
Be Coachable
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
When you stop fighting for your limitations, you become open to the possibility for improvement and the next level of leadership.

June 2015 Issue
Happy Birthday
by John David Mann
When you create the reality in your mind, thereís no limit to what the universe will rearrange to make it happen.

May 2015 Issue
It's Up to Us
by B.K. Boreyko
Mentorship is available everywhere we look. Itís up to us to take advantage of every opportunity.

April 2015 Issue
Heed the Lessons
by Adam Green
Social media is an integral part of our business. It gives us tremendous reach and power, which comes with great responsibility.

March 2015 Issue
The 4-Generation Family
by John Solleder
As humans are living longer, who will pay to take care of everyone? To help yourself, start a financial literacy campaign with you as the first member.

February 2015 Issue
The Joy Never Ends
by Margie Aliprandi
As you help others succeed, youíll be constantly growing yourself. If you continue this journey and keep an open heart, youíll find that every area of your life expands.

January 2015 Issue
The Happy Hero's Journey
by Michelle Gielan
Just like no hero is born without conflict or challenge, no hero is able to sustain happiness without ultimately tipping the balance in favor of others once he returns home.

June 2014 Issue
Master Your Craft
by Glenn Head
In our profession, your ability to educate and train others will lead you to become the master of your own destiny.

May 2014 Issue
Know and Share Your Stuff
by Michelle Gielan
Creating an interdependent mindset by sharing resources and supporting others is a foolproof recipe for happiness and success.

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