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January 2013 Issue
Connect and Influence
by Ty Bennett
Tell your story with confidence and authenticity so others will listen and relate to you.

April 2012 Issue
Recruiting Leaders
by Garth Wright
Active, busy people are a recruiter’s dream. How do you recruit the always-busy people-person?

February 2012 Issue
Going After the Wrong Prospects?
by Sonia Stringer
To find people who are the perfect fit for your business, define your 
target market and narrow the field.

January 2011 Issue
Attraction Marketing
by Adam Holland
How to use Pay Per View and online video to become an icon online.

May 2010 Issue
Telephone Tuesdays
by Tracy Monteforte
How to cure phone fear once and for all.

April 2010 Issue
Make It About Them
by Julie Anne Jones
Learn the language that communicates curiosity and caring.

June 2009 Issue
Dialing for Dollars
by Tracy Monteforte
How to turn phone fear into phone fun.

May 2009 Issue
Recession? A Great Time to Recruit
by Tom Hopkins
How to quickly find out if people qualify for your business.

March 2009 Issue
The Value of Being Approachable
by Scott Ginsberg
Ten elements that will get you attention… and business.

February 2009 Issue
Be Visible
by Patrice Matteson
Prospecting becomes enjoyable once you understand that you are simply “sorting” people.

January 2009 Issue
Shocking News: Leads Don’t Work
by Tracy Monteforte
How to optimally use targeted market leads.

March 2008 Issue
Prospecting in a Changing Economy
by Steve McCann
Release fear of rejection by focusing on your prospect.

February 2008 Issue
Running Out of People to Call?
by Eric Lofholm
Eight strategies you can apply immediately to generate unlimited leads.

January 2008 Issue
Hooray! I Got a No!
by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
Five strategies to tap into the power of no.

February 2006 Issue
The Art of the Three-Way Call
by Todd Falcone
How to conduct an effective three-way call.

August 2004 Issue
“Should I Lead with the Product or the Opportunity?”
by Brian Bumpas
Neither one: honor the relationship.

July 2004 Issue
You Can Master the Phone
by Amy Posner
It’s in the numbers.

July 2004 Issue
Natural Prospecting
by Todd Falcone
The power of relaxed intensity.

April 2004 Issue
Warming Up Cold Calls
by Jim Donovan
Seven power prospecting strategies.

Feb/Mar 2004 Issue
How to Partner Your Calls
by Amy Posner
The best way to beat procrastination.

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