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Steve Wiltshire

Steve Wiltshire

STEVE WILTSHIRE is the founder of Lifeline Coaching and Education and a leading expert in direct sales.

Steve is best known for his Million Dollar Protégé Program that has impacted the lives of thousands of direct sales representatives and leaders around the globe.

He held his first party at the age of 17 and within 20 year held over 5,000 parties, personally sponsored 600 representatives and led a multi-million dollar organization.

Steve’s written over a hundred curricula and conducted hundreds of seminars and given keynote messages at many direct sales conventions and leadership conferences.

Networking Trainers Article
What Would One New Recruit Each Week Do to Your Business?
by Steve Wiltshire

Imagine an effortless way to share your business opportunity that is authentic, engaging, and has impact. Take a few minutes to learn more about my recruiting blueprint that has placed many of my clients in the top 10 recruiting positions within their company.

8 Recruits in 8 Weeks

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