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Michelle and Bill Pescosolido

Michelle and Bill Pescosolido

Michelle and Bill Pescosolido are a husband and wife team who specialize in social media marketing and recruiting. In only three years they have quickly become well renowned speakers and trainers in the network marketing space.

Michelle's expertise and passion are in online marketing with a specific focus on Facebook to generate endless traffic, leads, and a commanding presence online.

Bill comes from corporate America and his expertise is in prospecting, recruiting, and closing.

While there are many trainers out there who teach Facebook marketing, what’s different about this couple is that they teach it specifically as network marketers for network marketers, and based on proven tools and strategies that have worked for them.

Networking Trainers Article
Get Leads, Get Fans, Get Paid: How to Market Your Business on Facebook
by Michelle and Bill Pescosolido

In this article I am going to introduce you to the 7 key components to building your business online using Facebook.

1. Your Facebook Fan Page - This should consist of a recognizable brand that your business uses across all social media channels for easy recognition. The Facebook Fan Page should consist of a cover photo, profile image, "about me" section with keywords, and utilization of the application tabs for your offers.

2. Offers - Your offer should be an irresistible offer—one that your audience will be inclined to exchange their name, email, and phone number for. Studies have shown that if you want to build a list of subscribers you can turn into buyers, then consider creating a free offer such as a free video, free webinar, or a free report delivering valuable information geared towards your niche... read more

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