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Susan Sly

Susan Sly

Jan/Feb 2016 Issue
Ready for Some Tough love?
by Susan Sly
To become an effective coach, first be highly coachable yourself. Pursue knowledge and leave your ego at the door. The best coaches are students first and teachers second.

Sep/Oct 2015 Issue
I Love Helping People
by Susan Sly
At 87 years of age, Jimmy Smith has mentored thousands of network marketing professionals on their journey to the top. We interviewed Jimmy in 2005 when he was already a million-dollar earner in his company. Ten years later, he is looking forward to teaching his great-grandchildren how to succeed in what he believes is the finest form of democracy and the world’s best opportunity to become wealthy and free.

Jul/Aug 2015 Issue
Embracing Change
by Susan Sly
For network marketing professionals, social media marketing is our new daily method of operation.

Jul/Aug 2015 Issue
People First
by Susan Sly
Mari Smith is one of the world’s leading social media thought leaders, widely recognized for her Facebook marketing expertise. Mari travels the world to provide engaging keynotes and in-depth training to social entrepreneurs. She has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, and Arianna Huffington. Mari teaches small business owners how to build a true social business with measurable profits from integrating proven marketing strategies.

May/Jun 2015 Issue
Flex Those Muscles
by Susan Sly
Much like getting that physical workout in, flexing our financial muscles, as painful as that may sometimes be, is imperative for financial health.

Mar/Apr 2015 Issue
Be Better
by Susan Sly
"As long as you have skills, you will never be without a job." This message I receive from my dad is what would eventually lead me to a career in network marketing.

May/Jun 2014 Issue
The Greatest Storyteller in the Room
by Susan Sly

May/Jun 2013 Issue
Linking Arms
by Susan Sly
Teaching our teams to share the power of our profession passionately and compliantly is the only way to create a safe and sustainable business environment.

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