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Marydale is founder of the Param Yoga Healing Arts Center

Marydale has a diverse background as a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Prime of Life Yoga™ practitioner and teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive-energetic healer, artist, entrepreneur, and dedicated wife, mother and grandmother.

As the creator of LifeWRx, Yoga Energetics, and Reiki Energetics, she facilitates classes in lifestyle training for the practical application of spiritual principles to inspire optimal mental, physical, emotional, and financial health in those who are ready to grow.

Mar/Apr 2013 Issue
Born to Be Free
by Marydale
When you are grounded in your genuine feminine nature, you are free to be everything you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Networking Trainers Article
Intro to Life WRx with Marydale
by Marydale

In this short video, Marydale shows how the simple act of connecting with your Source—That which created you—can help you clear mental, emotional and physical obstacles to open the path to greater health, energy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Intro to Life WRx with Marydale

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