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Leslie Zann

Leslie Zann

Leslie Zann is a master at helping people recognize and discover their true and limitless potential.

With more than twenty (20) years of Direct Selling experience, Leslie has developed a unique talent for helping people overcome their potential-stopping “limiting beliefs”.

Her one-of-a-kind perspective has much to do with the fact that she’s worked on both sides of the fence. She’s built her own very successful Direct Selling business ($1.2 million in sales), and has eight (8) years’ corporate experience with three (3) distinct business models: Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Party Plan.

As a sought-after speaker, trainer and personal coach, Leslie inspires field leaders to align their vision for success with proven strategies for increasing sales, sponsoring and highly effective leadership development. She believes great achievement is always possible … and that a person’s mindset is the key to unlocking the door to that achievement. Leslie challenges her clients to “be willing to see things differently.” And in doing so, she challenges them to create unprecedented success and design a life of truly unlimited possibilities.

Mar/Apr 2013 Issue
Leverage Your Feminine Traits
by Leslie Zann
Empathy, creativity, love of people, social bonding, and consensus building are powerful traits for building our business.

Networking Trainers Article
Stepping into Leadership
by Leslie Zann

Did you know that a vast majority of new consultants and distributors unintentionally limit their success? With their enthusiasm and focus revolving solely around product and product sales, they overlook the potential of a leadership role and may not recognize the optimal time and best opportunity to step into leadership.

Let's see if the following story rings true for you or someone on your team.

Jeanne wasn't thinking about leadership. As a newer consultant, she was becoming very skilled at talking about and selling her products. Retailing was easy and comfortable for her because she had enjoyed terrific personal results with her products—and those results inspired her to develop her business. Instead of thinking about leadership, she was thinking about sales! ... read more

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