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Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jen Fitzgerald is a busy mom and entrepreneur who has also worked in the corporate world for 12 years.

As a small business owner, she developed a system to keeping the clients she worked so hard to attain coming back for more. Today she wants to help you achieve those same results.

When she first created it was mainly for her own organization and a way to keep up with her clients. She needed a way to keep track of all their lives that was less cluttered than the paper system she was using. It created a more personal approach in her business and her customers loved her for it.

Jen is passionate about helping small business owners achieve client satisfaction with a personal touch.

Networking Trainers Article
Are You Marketing to Generation Y?
by Jennifer Fitzgerald

My gut tells me that the way people live their lives and the way they want to work is about to change as Generation Y gets older. These are the people born about 1980-1994—and they are growing up fast!!

These young entrepreneurs are on the rise and the perfect place for them is network marketing. They want their own business with low startup costs and they are eager to hit the ground running. They use a ton of social media and they are masters at networking. They love technology and you need to be up to speed with how to market to them and follow-up with them... read more

Networking Trainers Article
How to Get to Know Your Customers so They'll Love You Even More
by Jennifer Fitzgerald

Heart Happy Valentine's Day! Do Your Customers Heart You?

Everyone knows that when you feel connected to someone, you buy more and refer them!

One way I love to reach out to my past and new customers is through surveys. I love asking fun questions to get to know them and use that info to reach out to them in personal ways.

Surveys are a great way to grow your business because if you use them to get to know your customers on a more personal level, then they are more likely to respond to you and feel more connected to you.

In the video below I tell you all about surveys and how to do them so they work in your favor. Just click below to watch it.

Client Angel TV - Creating Surveys That Work

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