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Margaret Ruby

Margaret Ruby

Margaret Ruby, author of DNA of Healing: A Five-Step Process for Total Wellness & Abundance is a powerfully gifted practitioner, educator, and pioneer in the fields of healing and manifesting one's goals.

She blends the ancient art of healing with cutting-edge research in philosophy, physiology, biochemistry, and quantum physics. Her transformational techniques focus upon changing DNA energy patterns to create abundance and well-being. Margaret has been on a lifelong quest to find answers to the questions:

- How can we consciously create the life we want? - What role do our belief systems play in our lives? - If belief systems play an important part in our existence, then where do they originate and how can we change them to create a more satisfying way of life?

Today, her mission is to share her knowledge with others by teaching them how to locate and change non-supportive belief systems stored within their DNA memory codes, as she changed hers. She believes that everyone can learn to work energetically with the DNA and return it to its original blueprint of abundance and vibrant health.

Margaret Ruby has taught all over the world and her teachings and techniques have helped thousands of people find relief with everything from allergies and emotional stress, to serious disease and life-threatening illness.

In addition to being a regular guest on radio, and appearances on TV, Margaret lectures at bookstores and gatherings throughout the US. Margaret is applauded for her gift of communicating with warmth and wit, and for presenting complex ideas in such a way that they are clear, accessible, and compelling.

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