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DeeAnn Lensen

DeeAnn Lensen

DeeAnn Lensen is a European-trained advanced esthetic educator, spa consultant, and certified life coach. She served eight years as a board member of Leading Spas of Canada. DeeAnn pioneered the incorporation of empowerment into training for therapists and spa treatments to fully address the ‘whole person.’

Her 14 years in the spa industry are enhanced by a strong retail background in the USA.

DeeAnn’s vast knowledge of the esthetic, wellness and empowerment industries, coupled with her powerful business acumen, gives her a unique ability to meaningfully communicate with CFOs, GMs, spa directors, therapists and clients of any property. She displays this unusual ability by seamlessly stepping from the stage as an educator to the top spa minds in the country, to co-hosting The Good Life radio show with Jesse Dylan, to producing empowerment programs with Master Life Guide Mark Fournier.

In addition to her successful consulting, DeeAnn is known for her ability to support the spa business through multi-faceted education, creative marketing, empowering staff, and coaching management, as well as speaking at sold-out Empowered Inside Out Seminars for her spa clients. These seminars addressing the psychology, wellness and skin science of looking great typically generate huge revenues and client loyalty.

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Empowered Inside Out: How to Upgrade the Operating System Inside Your Head
by DeeAnn Lensen

Are you satisfied with your life, or do you see glimpses of your dream life just out of reach?

Many powerful human gifts that could be used to bring extraordinary joy to the user and those in contact with that user are squandered, lost forever, as millions opt to just get through life, rather than LIVE, REACH and CONTRIBUTE with every cell they have been entrusted with on this earth. ... read more

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