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Scott Burnett, Esq.

Scott Burnett, Esq.

Scott Burnett, Esq. is considered to be one of the nation's leading legal authorities on asset protection and tax education for Corporations and LLC's. As a former trial attorney, Scott collected millions of dollars in settlements. Many of his cases involved peeling back the protection of a business owner's Corporation or LLC, and attacking the personal assets of the owner. He now teaches business owners how to avoid these types of attacks. He is the author of How to Protect Your Assets, and the producer of the Lawsuit, Audit Protection Service that provides compliance protection for Corporations and LLC's.

Jan/Feb 2018 Issue
Success Is Predictable
by Scott Burnett, Esq.
As a new business owner, take the initiative to learn about proper business operations, or you could join the statistics of businesses that fail.

Nov/Dec 2011 Issue
Put More Money in Your Pocket
by Scott Burnett, Esq.
How to lower your taxes by operating your business as a corporation or an LLC rather than a sole proprietorship.

Networking Trainers Article
Should You Form a Corporation or an LLC?
by Scott Burnett, Esq.

Whether you are full-time or only a part-time network marketer, everyone in our business can benefit from forming a Corporation or an LLC. There are two basic reasons why I say this: taxes and growth.

First, no matter what your level of involvement is in network marketing, you are going to make income. Your goal, as a business owner, is to have that money taxed at the lowest rate allowed by law. If you are doing this business as a sole proprietor, you are going to pay more in taxes. Period... read more

Networking Trainers Article
The More You Know, the Less You Owe
by Scott Burnett, Esq.

One of the best things about being a network marketer is that you are in business for yourself. You may work with a large organization, but you are an independent associate. As a result, because you operate a business, you have many opportunities to lower your taxes. Our tax system really supports businesses. Unfortunately, most small business owners just don't invest the time to discover these benefits.

As an advocate of better tax education, I hear a lot of reasons why people do not think this is important. They will tell me the tax code is too complicated or that they don't make enough to worry about it; or worse, they think it is the responsibility of their CPA. All these responses rob you of the fruits of your efforts and profits.

Without tax knowledge you will always overpay your taxes each, year after year. Further, until this problem is fixed, as you make more money you will just pay more taxes. It will never stop or get better without you taking a little bit of time to educate yourself... read more

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