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Khai Ng

Khai Ng

Khai Ng runs, a private label rights company that provides business owners and network marketers from all over the world with volumes of useful content such as e-books, articles, audio recording and videos, saving them thousands of dollars and countless hours in creating marketing materials essential for any business, online or offline.

Networking Trainers Article
Market like a Pro Using Content Marketing and Publishing
by Khai Ng

The Internet has drastically changed the way we do network marketing. Gone are the days where the only ways of meeting new prospects were cold calling, hotel opportunity meetings and sending flyers. Today, the network marketing landscape is dotted with blogs, social media publishing, landing pages, killer sales letters and viral content spreading its unstoppable reach across the Internet.

One of the most valuable currencies of today is content marketing and publishing. Anyone who wields the power of the written word proficiently effectively dominates the Internet as traffic pours in from Google, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of promotional emails by large mailing list owners. This skill can be easily mastered by anyone, even if they can barely write their way out of an 8th  grade English exam... read more

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