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Sue Cassidy

Sue Cassidy

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy developed the concept of combining a “vision board” or “dream board” with the ancient concept of Feng Shui color placement to create the Lifeboard. She has used Lifeboarding to help her visualize and realize her dreams, such as building a successful network marketing business and becoming a top earner in her company. Sue has also used the Lifeboarding principles to become a top songwriter, and has written songs for recording artists including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Heart, Smokey Robinson and Al Jarreau.

Mar/Apr 2011 Issue
The Sleeping Giant
by Sue Cassidy

Networking Trainers Article
Follow Your Vision, Realize Your Dreams
by Sue Cassidy

Why is it that some people you know could fall backwards out of a window and land on a feather bed while in other cases, helpers could be standing below holding a giant mattress and somehow the person would end up on the sidewalk?

What is it about some people that makes others want to be around them, touch them and emulate them?  The simple answer is ENERGY. Energy is real. It is measurable and we can feel it. We can walk into a room and know whether it has good vibes or bad vibes. We can pass someone in the street and instinctively know that it would be a big mistake to make eye contact with them.

What kind of energy are YOU putting out?...read more

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