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Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske, President of Upside Thinking, Inc., ( is a high energy award-winning entrepreneur and leadership expert known for her ability to change the way individuals approach their personal and professional lives. In addition to conducting seminars throughout the United States, she also works one-on-one with clients teaching them how to lead in their business and their lives, turning possibility into reality. Lisa Marie’s book, Designing Your Destiny, is continually reviewed as “life-changing”. She is also the founder of the Leadership Success Summit, a highly anticipated and life changing event. You can learn more about her upcoming event by visiting

Networking Trainers Article
Have You Discovered Your Magic?
by Lisa Marie Platske

As a kid, I loved Sesame Street. One of my favorite characters was Mumford the Magician. With the simple phrase, "A-la Peanut Butter Sandwiches" and the wave of his magic wand, everything was right with the world. Well, not quite. Mumford is great at magic, but not at predicting how his tricks will work out. Like many direct sellers I've worked with as clients, he's got the magic, but isn't sure how to use it to get tangible results.

We all bring a bit of magic to our businesses. It is our personal touch, our secret sauce that makes others say, — Lead the way — I am following!

Why did you get into network marketing?
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