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Dr. Steve Taubman

Dr. Steve Taubman

Dr. Steve Taubman is the president and founder of Powertrack Presentations, a company dedicated to helping business professionals transform their results by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. His programs have received rave reviews and acclaim for combining humor, energy, and practical tools to unleash optimal performance. His first book, UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live, received critical acclaim and became a #1 bestseller on Since that time, Dr. Taubman has been speaking to direct selling groups and individuals about how to reinvent themselves and incorporate powerful transformational principles into their lives.

May/Jun 2016 Issue
The Benefits of Mindfulness
by Dr. Steve Taubman
Eye contact, listening skills, and how you sit and show your interest all determine your presence and subsequently your success. Being present is pure positive energy, passion, and enthusiasm. Is that you? Let yourself move slowly and lovingly towards your highest level of consciousness, of soulfulness, and watch all the other benefits of success flow your way, effortlessly!

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Preparing Your Mind for Success
by Dr. Steve Taubman
Yesterday my friend, Sacha, was preparing a meal for her fiancée's birthday party. She was nervous and wanted very much to make a good impression on his family. The main course was a barbecued beef dish that was cooked in a bag for five hours. After that time, the meat was removed from the bag, and was supposed to pull apart easily.

The problem was that, after five hours, what emerged from the bag were two very firm chunks of beef, impervious to pulling. In her alarmed state, Sacha proceeded to take a fork to it, scraping the sides in the vain hope that it would disintegrate under her efforts. It was a pitiable sight. She vacillated between fruitless and anxiety-ridden action and the conviction that the whole thing would have to be scrapped for another meal choice.

Luckily, I was there, and I suggested that perhaps the meat just needed to cook longer. My contention was that, given enough time, the protein bonds in the meat would break, and the roast would fall apart. Given enough time, everything does, right?...

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The Mindfulness Process for Successful Network Marketing
by Dr. Steve Taubman
It’s remarkable to me how often I hear comments from network marketers, even immediately after hearing motivational speakers and industry leaders explaining exactly how to succeed, that run along the lines of, “That was great, but I wish I could just stop sabotaging myself,” or “That was inspiring, but I wish I could motivate myself to stay on track.”

It’s a fascinating thing to contemplate. We hear the right words, believe ourselves to be gaining knowledge and drive, and yet we continue to simultaneously lament our inability to do anything with the words we hear.

Imagine teaching someone how to bake a cake. You tell them the exact ingredients, have them stand by your side as you mix them together, show them the proper baking temperature, and put the mixture in the oven. An hour goes by, and you remove a beautiful cake, placing it on the counter and looking expectantly at your student. She takes a look at the cake, looks at you, shakes her head, and says, “That’s incredible. I wish I knew how to bake a cake like that!” more

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The Power of "Giving Goals"
by Dr. Steve Taubman
(This article was excerpted from UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You're Meant to Live, by Dr. Steve Taubman.)

Most people, when contemplating their goals, immediately fill their minds with a list of things they want. I call these "getting goals." It's important to have many, many getting goals, objectives for what we want to attain, whether material, spiritual, or psychological.

However, it's rare for anyone to discuss "giving goals," or objectives for what we intend to contribute to the world. I believe that these are the far superior goals to have. While seeking attainment of any kind is natural and normal, and even stimulates an important, deep psychological transformation into possibility thinking, it doesn't feed the soul in the same way as putting one's attention on being of service to more

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Face Your Inner Demons
by Dr. Steve Taubman

Not all that long ago, I was spending most of my professional career performing hypnosis shows throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. One of my great pleasures was performing for MTV Spring Break in Jamaica, Barbados, and the Bahamas. I know, you're thinking, "You poor soul!" Yes, it was tough...but someone had to do it!

As part of my show, I had volunteers believe they were rock stars, dancers, and Martians. I'd have them think they were watching the funniest movie they'd ever seen, and then suddenly it would change into the saddest. The audience would howl watching their peers go from hysterical laughter to sobs in a matter of seconds. I even had one guy think he was pregnant, while another thought he was the father. Crazy, hilarious, complete mayhem!

One day, in the midst of my show, I decided to try a new routine.... read more

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The Problem with Procrastination
by Dr. Steve Taubman

About twenty five years ago, I let procrastination cause a permanent and irreparable wound to my soul.

Growing up, the most influential person in my life was my Grandma Flo. She was funny, kind, loving, and wise. She helped me through the sea of painful emotions I was navigating as a result of living in an unhappy home. She taught me tolerance, patience, humor, and how to make really good chicken soup.

As her health began to fail, I saw the writing on the wall, and began to prepare for it emotionally. It was then that I had a brilliant idea. Why not interview Grandma Flo on tape? Why not preserve her memory for all time, capturing her with, wisdom, recipes and stories? Why not create a memento to which I could always turn if I ever wanted to hear her unique voice again? ... read more

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The Challenge of Incongruence
by Dr. Steve Taubman

Lots of network marketers—I dare say most—suffer from a disease called incongruence.

Incongruence happens when your behavior doesn't match your beliefs...and it shows. Here are the symptoms.

  • You feel "funny" or slightly uncomfortable approaching a prospect.
  • You're "in your head" while talking to them, trying to work out what to say next.
  • You fear that you're being inauthentic in social situations, as if you have a secret agenda... read more

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The Neurology of Success
by Dr. Steve Taubman

Kim came to me about a year ago a broken woman. She had been a successful direct seller, a leader of some repute, and a top earner in her company. A few years back, she had a falling out with one of her top people; someone with a substantial team in her own rite.

That falling out led to a mutiny of sorts, and Kim watched as a sizable part of her business dissolved before her eyes. The financial hit was considerable, but the psychological hit was infinitely more profound.

When I met Kim, she was a woman without hope. She'd lost her confidence and replaced it with a sense of dread. She had become convinced that her team didn't respect her, that she was an outcast, and that the best thing she could do for all concerned was to disappear from their lives... read more

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 UnHypnosis CD for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs: <small>The 1# Breakthrough Subconscious Success System for Eliminating Mental Barriers to Taking Action</small>
UnHypnosis CD for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs: The 1# Breakthrough Subconscious Success System for Eliminating Mental Barriers to Taking Action
 Unhypnosis Combo for Entrepreneurs - Digital Download
Unhypnosis Combo for Entrepreneurs - Digital Download
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