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Garrett J. White

Garrett J. White

Garrett J. White is a passionate, powerful, prosperous leader who's transformative ten- year journey from broke P.E. teacher to powerful entrepreneur and thought leader is nothing short of inspiring.

At the early age of twenty-four Garrett began his transformational journey from the pit of despair to the peak of possibility. Feeling completely alone, divorced, bankrupt and physically recovering from a two-year battle with cancer, Garrett sat at the crossroads of his life. In one hand the choice to live a life of survival and mediocrity while struggling with addiction, self doubt and despair. On the other hand the choice to live a life of prosperity, light and greatness.

Garrett made his choice and committed to creating a life he could truly say he loved. He discovered that the fastest way to get there was to become an entrepreneur and professional investor. With this intention, Garrett found several powerful mentors, affectionately known as The Brotherhood, and through them was introduced to world banking and real estate investing.

In four short years Garrett conquered the business and investors world, becoming a multi-millionaire through building three national mortgage brokerages, an empire in Real Estate development, and professional speaking career traveling, training and connecting with thousands of people around the United States and Canada.

Garrett's deepest passion is assisting those he works with to awaken and remember the truth of who they are. This passion is most clearly seen in The Freedom Fast Track and The Paid to Play Today coaching processes — unique processes he co-authored and designed to help his clients lead lives of purpose-driven prosperity.

Garrett J. White has co-authored and published two books, The Money Tree™ and The Economics of Soul Purpose™ and is currently the host of both a weekly Internet TV Talk show and a weekly Entrepreneur Talk Radio Show broadcast weekly on LA Talk Radio. Both shows are committed to training the modern entrepreneur on the new consciousness of business and sales.

Today Garrett coaches, consults and trains large groups of sales professionals and entrepreneurs on the principles of authenticity and the keys to understanding the new economy of transformation.

Garrett and his wife Danielle have two children who bring constant contrast and expansion to life. He attributes his success in business and life to a passionate purpose-driven perspective that he feels is divinely inspired.

His ultimate desire? To leave this life being known as the man who bridged the gap between the somewhat contrasting worlds of spiritual transformation and financial production.

Networking Trainers Article
Learn How to Get Paid to Play
by Garrett J. White
Have the daily activities in your business and life become work? Does it feel like making money in your business is a burden and just way too hard?

What If I told you it is possible to not only love what you do but that you can stop working and start playing -- and get paid for it?

Everyone can relate to the typical situation of waking up, working hard, collapsing at the end of the day, going to sleep, waking up and doing it all over again. For most folks, life has become a function of working to live instead of living to play. That is right: I said living to play.

As children we had no issue with the idea of playing: everything we did was a game and we lived in constant...

Networking Trainers Article
Wake Up and Get Paid to Play
by Garrett J. White
I laid there in bed staring at my ceiling as my wife cried herself to sleep, almost in a state of shock at where my life had ended up. Everything was gone, and the one thing I seemed to be succeeding at was hurting everyone around me.

"How the hell did I end up here?" was the only thought crossing my mind.

Rewind seven months and I am speaking to over 2,000 of my peers at The Mortgage Planners Summit in Las Vegas. I was sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, who just happened to be one of my personal heroes in the world of speaking.

My presentation, The Mindset of an Investor, brought the house down with thunderous applause and cheers. As I worked my way off the back of the stage I can clearly remember thinking, "I have finally arrived."

My life experience at that moment felt like a drug. I was high 24/7 off of my own arrogant assumption that I was on my way to the top, wherever that is. But like any artificial high, it was about to come crashing down...

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