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David Blanchard

David Blanchard

Dave is Chairman and CEO of The Og Group, Inc., a holding company for all Og Mandino-related companies.

In addition to managing the holding company and supporting over 50 Og Mandino coaches, Dave's favorite activities include debriefing Intentional Creation™ Assessment Reports and conducting one-on-one personal coaching sessions.

Dave has measured the thought processes of over 3,000 network marketers and conducted over 20,000 hours of one-on-one interviews.

Dave is also a film producer and director who was commissioned to write the feature film script for one of Og's books. Shortly after completing the script, Bette, Og's widow, asked David to take over the fiduciary responsibility for the family's most prized asset, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Dave is a seasoned coach, speaker and corporate leader who is unafraid of tackling tough issues (something he learned early while playing free-safety for Ricks College and its Intermountain College Athletic Conference Championship team).

Mar/Apr 2010 Issue
Intentional Creation
by David Blanchard
Five mental practices to help you harness the power of visualization.

Networking Trainers Article
"Do Your Worst, for I Will Do Mine!"
by David Blanchard
We are living in a most interesting time. Daily, waves of bad news pound against our already badly damaged economy shaking the fragile underpinnings of business and our personal lives. When we personally experience any of these very real, yet unwanted difficulties, we can easily be swept away into the depths of anxiety, frustration and despair.

It is difficult enough to swim against the tide, let go of the anxiety and climb up and out of these circumstances without adding the burden of destructive and unhealthy thought processes. When we engage in destructive thought processes, we engage in fantasy and attempt to put tomorrows gold in todays purse. We concern ourselves with...

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