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Keith Cameron Smith

Keith Cameron Smith

Keith Cameron Smith is a bestselling author and inspirational speaker. In 2005 he self published, The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class.

Within months the word of mouth phenomenon started happening and now Random House, the largest publisher in the world, has purchased the worldwide rights and the book is selling in countries around the world.

Before becoming an author and speaker, Keith experienced many successes and failures in his own businesses and real estate investments. For five years he hosted his own radio show and inspired thousands of listeners each week to take action and achieve their goals.

Everyday Keith receives testimonials of how The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class is transforming lives. Every week he receives invitations from around the globe to teach his Wisdom Creates Freedom Workshop.

Keith lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with his wife Angie and their two sons.

Networking Trainers Article
Winners Take Responsibility—Whiners Play the Victim
by Keith Cameron Smith

Lets face it: life does not always go according to plan. In fact, life is what happens while you are making other plans.To become a winner in the face of this unpredictability requires that you balance two seemingly contradictory ideas. The first is best expressed by the expression If it is going to be, it is up to me. The second is nearly the opposite: What will be, will be.

These two statements sound fine by themselves -- but when you put them side-by-side they contradict each other. And yet, taking either of these statements to the extreme produces negative results.

For example, lets look at the first statement: If it is going to be, it is up to me. Taking that philosophy to the extreme leads more

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