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Steve McCann

Steve McCann

Steve McCann is owner of Steve McCann Productions, a sales motivation and training company providing speaking services and educational products.

He teaches sales organizations and individuals how to develop and perfect  the one skill critical for top performance in the selling profession: prospecting. With the benefit of nearly two decades in sales, Steve has been there and done that in the selling profession, enjoying numerous awards and national recognition as a top sales performer in the Fortune 100 arena.

Not just a professional speaker, Steve is a nationally recognized authority in the skill of sales prospecting. His work in this area is featured in over 160 sales and personal development publications worldwide alongside other top experts including: Jeffrey Gitomer, Nido Qubein, Andrea Nirenberg, John David Mann, Jim Rohn, Laurie Brown, Tom Hopkins and many others.

Steve is author of the new book, Client-Conscious Prospecting How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Reach Your Full Sales Potential. In addition he has authored the goal mastery CD program, The Snap Back Effect How to Propel Yourself to Record Goal Achievement. His keynote and training programs are packed with universal success lessons and his own personal experiences of victory, defeat and what he calls 'super defeat'.

He delivers humor and insight with one of the most entertaining styles on the circuit today. Steve has become a trusted advisor to sales professionals worldwide who desire sales success while leading a relaxed, fulfilling life. He is a Professional member of both The National Speaker's Association and The Cognitive Behavioral Therapists Association.

If you’re considering a professional speaker for your next event, Steve McCann is among the very best on the circuit today. Fun-loving, seasoned, humorous and insightfulcheck him out on this website. He is a sales trainer, keynote speaker, or motivational presenter for any sales audience.

May/Jun 2008 Issue
Prospecting in a Changing Economy
by Steve McCann
Release fear of rejection by focusing on your prospect.

Nov/Dec 2007 Issue
Live Your Bliss
by Steve McCann
Bring your passion into your business.

Networking Trainers Article
The Keys to An Unstoppable Sales Drive
by Steve McCann

Sometime back in 1995 I was invited to speak at a real estate conference. The opening speaker was a high-producing Realtor® who gave an inspiring presentation that was well received. He shared exactly what he did on a weekly basis to get the uncommon results he produced.

There were about 200 Realtors in attendance, many of whom were inspired by his ideas. And my guess is that many of the agents took action after that day because they wanted his results.

They probably started getting up earlier than normal started making the cold calls they normally werent making. But pretty soon, within a few days or weeks, most stopped doing it. Their activity levels went back to normal.

Why? Because their productivity rose above their self-image and their self-image squashed their productivity down within their comfort level - a level consistent with their self-image. Their actions were becoming inconsistent with their self-image which went into self-sabotage mode!

Has this ever happened to you?

You will always perform at a level equal to your self-image.

Our self-image is the portrait we have of ourselves. It is the picture weve created about ourselves and is commonly based on past experience. So if a new desire for improvement is introduced and it conflicts with our current self-image, it is doomed to fail.

Our actions, behaviors and discipline are all heavily influenced by our self-image. Even if you force yourself via will power to do things beyond your self-image, you wont be able to...

Networking Trainers Article
The Self-Conscious Networker
by Steve McCann
A few years ago, I was contracted to provide training to a group of twenty-two government research and litigation attorneys. Their responsibility was to review every lawsuit filed by a government employee.

I was brought in to address some of the issues that they were having through a full-day motivational training program covering, among other things, the psychology of optimism. Things werent exactly peachy in our nations capital. Little did I know I was to receive a gift, albeit wrapped in barbed wire, but nonetheless a very powerful gift from this gut check experience. Fear gripped me when I began projecting how I would be received by this group of critical thinkers. As I started my presentation the mood was silent and a bit stoic. Thirty minutes later...

Products by Steve McCann:

 Client-Conscious Prospecting book
Client-Conscious Prospecting book
 Client-Conscious Prospecting 4-CD Set
Client-Conscious Prospecting 4-CD Set
 Client-Conscious Prospecting Combo
Client-Conscious Prospecting Combo
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