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Andrea Nierenberg

Andrea Nierenberg

The Wall Street Journal called Andrea Nierenberg a “networking success story.” She is a master at helping others build their interpersonal skills to create strong connections.

Andrea Nierenberg is known as a business development authority who demonstrates how to balance today’s high-speed communications with the people skills that transcend time and technology. This is accomplished through her outstanding keynote addresses, workshops, articles she writes for national publications, and her appearing on national television programs.

Andrea specializes in Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Business Development, Customer Service and Management Training. Her brand has been that of “Networking” and learning how to find, grow and keep your business through the art of networking.

As a respected author and quoted expert, she has been featured in publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Selling Power, Sales and Marketing Management, Investor’s Business Daily, Inc. Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, Training & Development, Smart Money and The New York Times.

Andrea has also written and produced audio and video programs, which feature some of her most popular topics: networking, presentation skills, and motivation. Her book Non-Stop Networking - How to Improve Your Life, Luck and Career was published in October 2002 by Capital Books and is now in its eight printing. Her new book Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your Business was published in November 2005 and is in its 7th printing.

Her latest book Savvy Networking was published in the fall of 2008 and is available also as an audio book. In the last two years, Andrea has gotten involved with several direct selling organizations and loves the networking profession.

Jul/Aug 2009 Issue
It’s All in the Attitude
by Andrea Nierenberg
How to build loyalty with customers as well as team members.

Nov/Dec 2007 Issue
Find Your Personal Style
by Andrea Nierenberg
Seven networking tips for the "quiet" networker.

Networking Trainers Article
Networking Is an Art
by Andrea Nierenberg

Although we know that the goal of networking is to discover new business opportunities, it's more than a "paint by the numbers" process. It takes time, patience, and creativity to cultivate people into our lives. The key is to make networking become a natural part of everyday life.

When I first started consulting businesspeople, networking was starting to get a bad reputation. People saw trade shows, business seminars, and community events as "targets" to pass out and collect as many business cards as possible. Ultimately, people networked when they needed something from someone. I agree that type of attitude can be detrimental to our sales success.

To make positive networking become a part of your everyday life, start with a strategy and...

Networking Trainers Article
Giving Your Way to Referral Success
by Andrea Nierenberg

What are some ways to find new customers and distributors?

I believe the old maxim, It is better to give than receive, holds the key to our referral success. For centuries this has been sound advice for living. From the Bibles command to love your neighbor as yourself to sales trainer extraordinaire Zig Ziglers key principle that you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want, being a giving person brings success.

What are some practical things you can do to genuinely be more of a giver?

Give Away You Possessions

Sometimes it is appropriate to show appreciation with a gift. Sending a gift sets you apart and finding something that uniquely suites the individual helps build solid relationships. It says, I know you and care enough to think about what you might enjoy.

Sometimes it is appropriate to send a gift even when the sale does not close. If you appreciate the effort someone has made on your behalf, feel free to send a little something. You will keep them on your radar and prospect list. I often send flowers.

Sometimes they just mean...

Networking Trainers Article
The Two-by-Three Inch $5,000 Bill
by Andrea Nierenberg

Think about how you would handle every business card you received if each one was worth $5,000. Probably with greater care and attention. Unfortunately, too often we minimize the value of business cards that people give us. As entrepreneurs and network marketers - we must turn on our headlights to be aware that each person we meet could become a prospect, client, and friend or possibly knows someone who could be one of them and add to our organization. We need to realize and remember that 80% of our job is to create new opportunities and develop new business and sharing our products. One way we do that is by valuing and cultivating the different contacts we make.

Here are some steps to ensure that you always take a business card to its highest potential.

Networking Trainers Article
Net-WORK-ing Says It All
by Andrea Nierenberg

I often say that the word networking is a misunderstood word. It means many things to all of us. I look at the word as three-pronged:

  1. Sometimes it is structured and strategic when you are going to an event, hosting a party or working with your downline and prospects at any group together.
  2. Often networking is serendipitous-you can connect with someone anywhere, anytime in life who could be someone interested in getting into your business and learning about the opportunity. Most of the great networking happens for me this way and I call it turning serendipitous accidents into unbelievable opportunities.
  3. It can be unconscious-we are engaging in the process of building relationships and alliances and we just do not call it networking-yet it is-the small world effect or a friend put me in touch with someone and then the following happened.

Networking is many things to all of us. We engage in the process to build and develop our teams and downlines and we have many...

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